A Birthday Meditation
AUTHOR: Wilder, Laura Ingalls
PUBLISHED ON: August 14, 2005
DOC SOURCE: www.epm.org
TAGS: poem

A Birthday Meditation:

Another year is ended,

And still my skies are bright,

For hope and faith are blended,

And all will soon be right.

A song of praise is welling

From out my heart today,

Of the thousand blessings telling

That lie along the way.

Thanks be to God for giving

This life to me at all,

Though fraught with pain its living,

It is a ladder tall,

That leads from earth to heaven,

From birth to endless life;

So why should I be craven

And shrink from pain and strife?

The Holy City#39;s glory,

By God#39;s abundant grace,

Shall be my only story,

Till there I find a place

. So ne#39;er again repining

For joys I may not share,

I will with face a-shining

Await my entrance there.

Written by Laura Ingalls Wilder#39;s sister, Mary, as an adult, some time after returning from the school for the blind probably in the early 1900#39;s.

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