Be Ye Angry And Sin Not
AUTHOR: Ravenhill, Leonard
PUBLISHED ON: April 2, 2003

Be Ye Angry And Sin Not
  By Leonard Ravenhill

  If you attend church at all, you will undoubtedly hear a
*thousand* sermons on “Be filled with the Spirit” (Eph. 5:18) for
every *one* sermon you hear preached on “Be ye angry, and sin
not” (Eph.4:26). This is a command! It is not a defense for a bad
temper. It is not an excuse for an explosion of bitterness from
your bruised ego for personal rejection. I am talking here of
Holy Anger. God gets angry: “The anger of the Lord was kindled
against Moses” (Exodus 4:14); “God is angry with the wicked every
day” (Psalm 7:11). (If you must have a bumper sticker, try this
last statement for a while — but be sure that you increase your
insurance before you do so.)

  The blessed preacher St. Paul walked down Main Street Athens,
the intellectual capital of the world of his day. Acts 17:16 says
in the sleepy Elizabethan English of the King James version, “His
spirit was stirred in him, when he saw the city wholly given to
idolatry.” The Amplified [1] says it this way, “Now while Paul
was awaiting them at Athens, his spirit was grieved and roused to
anger as he saw that the city was full of idols.” Such anger
needs to come back to us today. I admit right here that I am
downright angry. I am angry that Christ is wounded in the house
of His friends. 


  Our home is less than 100 miles from Dallas — the “Athens” of
the theologians. Therefore we are vulnerable to the students who
come from the seminaries there, distressed, disgusted, and
despondent over the low state of spirituality in their particular
classes. A professor in one such seminary tells the
preacher-boys, “Remember that preaching is now a profession, and
not to be viewed or represented by a sweating evangelist in a
sawdust-carpeted tent. Now the preacher has status like a doctor
or a seasoned lawyer.” Begone such idiocy! Preaching is not a
profession — it is a *passion*! Paul sets the standard, “Woe
unto me if I preach not the Gospel!” I am angry that these
professors want the world’s smile on our holy calling. But no man
called to the ministry needs a status symbol. He is, by the very
nature of his calling, in the *highest* calling. 

  I am further angered by a statement by Bruce Cook — the former
advertising agent for Coca Cola, who engineered the “I Found It”
campaign. Here is his horrible comment, and it angers me: “Back
in Jerusalem when the Church started, God performed a miracle
there on the Day of Pentecost. They didn’t have the benefit of
buttons and media, so God had to do a little supernatural work
there. But today, with our technology, we have available to us
the opportunity to create the same kind of interest in a secular
society.” [2] This wretched interpretation makes me bristle. So
buttons and modern media are as likely to start a Heaven-Born
Holy Ghost Revival as was the Upper Room invasion from heaven?
What is this but “Christian humanism”? WE are capable of
producing the same thing as the Blessed Holy Spirit? 


  I am angry when I read a letter from my friend and neighbor
David Wilkerson announcing this near unbelievable perversion. 

  “Homosexuals now claim more than 50,000 members in their ‘all
homosexual’ churches. The Metropolitan Community Church is one of
many homosexual denominations springing up across the nation. I
sent an observer to one of their annual ‘Holy Ghost’ conventions
in Dallas, Texas. What unbelievable blasphemy! 

  “Each delegate, as they registered, was given a packet which
included, among other things, two ‘boy’ magazines of all nude men
and a list of all the gay bars in Dallas — so that delegates
could leave the evening service, go to their selected bar, and
connect with a lover for the night. And those delegates call
themselves ‘ministers.’ How they did sing! They praised the Lord
with enthusiasm; but their evangelist corrupted the Gospel beyond
comprehension. He said, ‘Sure, Paul condemned men who changed the
natural use and burned one toward another. But that’s not us. We
didn’t change anything. We were born this way. So, come out of
your closets. *Be filled with the Holy Ghost, and enjoy your
homosexuality!”* [3] 

  My anger over this is intensified when I read that the cutback
in federal spending will cause some old folks to miss meals. Yet
the same federal folks on the 5th of May, 1981, gave the
Metropolitan Community (homosexual) Church $380,000 of our tax
money to operate four resettlement centers for Cuban refugee
homosexuals.[4] (Just let the true Church of Jesus try to get the
government to give us a dime to rescue men from an eternal hell!)


  I am angry also when I hear preachers crying with great
emotion, “Help me clean up America,” when they dare not try to
clean up the Church — riddled as it is with carnality and
sensuality. I am angry and grieved when preachers weep over the
TV that their income is decreasing, though I’ve never seen them
weep on TV over the millions of lost souls they address every
week. The God on TV is an inoffensive, undemanding God, wanting
to give but requiring nothing in exchange. There is no need to
take up your cross and follow Him. 


  Nicholas Van Hoffman has a penetrating column on the “Mush God”
of today. Read it, friend. Read it twice and maybe you will weep
as he speaks of the gross representation of the Holy Deity. Here
is Van Hoffman: 

  “The Mush God has been known to appear to millionaires on golf
courses. He appears to politicians at ribbon-cutting ceremonies
and to clergymen speaking the invocation on national TV at either
Democratic or Republican conventions. The Mush God’s presence is
felt during Brotherhood Week and when Rotarians come together. He
is the lifeless deity President Carter was referring to when
suggesting peace might come to the Middle East because the
Egyptian president and Israeli prime minister both worshipped the
Great Mushy One. 

  “The Mush God has no theology to speak of, being a Cream of
Wheat divinity. The Mush God has no particular credo, no tenets
of faith, nothing that would make it difficult for believer and
non-believer alike to lower one’s head when the temporary
chairman tells us the Reverend, Rabbi, Father, Mufti, or
So-and-So will lead us in an innocuous, harmless prayer, for this
god of public occasions is not a jealous god. You can even invoke
him to start a hooker convention and he/she or it won’t be

  “God of the Rotary, God of the Optimists’ Club, Protector of
the Buddy System, the Mush God is the Lord of secular ritual, of
the necessary but hypocritical forms and formalities that hush
the divisive and the derisive. The Mush God is a serviceable god
whose laws are not chiseled on tablets but written on sand, open
to amendment, qualification, and era-sure. This is a god that
will compromise with you, make allowances and declare all wars
holy, all peaces hallowed.” [5] 


  My Holy Anger and burning indignation is fueled by articles
like this from the pen of a “Wiseman” from the East — the
Bhagwan Shree Ragneesh, writing from the Meditation Center that
bears his name. [6] 

  “SEX — never repress it. Never be against it — rather, go
deep into it with great clarity, with great love. Go like an
explorer. Search all the nooks and corners of your sexuality and
you will be surprised and enriched and benefitted. Knowing your
sexuality, one day you will stumble upon your spirituality [or
get V.D. -L.R.] then you will become free. The future will have a
totally different vision of sex. It will be more fun, more joy,
more friendship, more a play than a serious affair, as it has
been in the past. [The “serious affair” mentioned here must mean
marriage. -L.R.] Sex is just the beginning, not the end. But if
you miss the beginning, you will miss the end also.” 

  What logic and what warning! Why not miss the end which is
torment here and hereafter? I wonder what folks who have tried
this teacher’s method think about it. Does he have “revival
crusades” with living, bright-faced “witnesses” telling of their
rapturous emancipation from the “bondage of purity and a good


  I am not angered that the Moral Majority boys campaign against
abortion. I *am* angry when the same men who say, “Save OUR
children” bellow “Build more and bigger bombers.” That’s right!
Blast the children in other nations into eternity, or limbless
misery as they lay crippled from “OUR” bombers! This does not

  I am angry that the pulpiteers can roar from their pulpits
against political injustices, yet whisper about the wrong doings
in their own fellowship — also that sin is called by other
names. God has no mild views of sin, so let’s get back to
biblical language. The soothsayers in the world are dangerous,
but the “smooth-sayers” in the pulpit are equally dangerous. We
now call iniquity “infirmity.” Wickedness is just “weakness”;
adultery and fornication, just “having an affair.” Lust is called
“love.” Sodomy is now being “GAY.” The Harlot is not called a
“Whore” anymore; she is inoffensively named a “Call Girl.” These
are not terms for every sermon, but they have some kind of
intimidation and disgrace attached to them, which makes the
preachers afraid to use them (and sinners afraid to hear them).
*But the Bible uses them!* 

  I am angry when I hear preachers saying, “We had our best
concert ever last week when the ‘ZYX Singers’ came to our church.
The main auditorium was jammed with extra seats and we had to run
extensions into the church hall for the overflow!’ Yet, that same
popular, prosperous church can comfortably seat its prayer
meeting in just about the smallest room in the facility. What a
slap in the face for a prayer-answering God! What a public
declaration that the offering from the concert patrons is more
important than prayer! 

  I am angry with people who withhold their own money from the
Lord, but then turn His House into a Flea Market to raise church
funds. And believe me, I am stirred, sick, and angry when I try
to realize that 90% of Gospel preaching is to only 10% of the
world’s population. 


  “Newsweek” for April 27, 1981, states: “This year the Mormons
will field more missionaries — about 30,000 in all — than any
other church in the United States…their single purpose is to
labor 16 hours a day, 6 days a week, spreading the Gospel
according to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.”

  Now notice the discipline attached to this effort.

  “The discipline imposed on Mormon missionaries is as unique as
their message: no movies, television, or popular music; no phone
calls to parents or girlfriends; no dates — and no going
anywhere alone. Under this quasi-military regimen the L.D.S.
missionaries have carried the faith across the U. S. into six

  I am angry at this false zeal, disturbed and deeply troubled
that we have to make so many Christian Youth Camps a miniature
Olympics to entice kids to so-called Bible study. Dare we try to
get kids away from TV, sports, etc., for a week of solid
concentration on eternal things? It seems more correct with the
emphasis on sports and church programs, and church leagues of
bowling, baseball, etc., that we should be singing: “Onward
Christian Sportsmen — forget about the war — look at all the
prizes — you’re contending for!” [7] 

  I am angry when I think that the government will subsidize a
science effort to find out where man came from but will not give
a dime to tell men where they are going. *God, baptize us with a
Holy Anger that will set us on a course of hell-disturbing,
heaven-enriching intercession!* 

  All these sad events I have mentioned would be taken care of by
a heaven-born, sin-convicting visitation of the Spirit. 

  I am angry at the devil’s monopoly of this age. 

  I am angry that the Church sleeps on. 

  I am angry that the Church, in many (and maybe most) cases, is
an entertainment center. Lord have mercy!

                “Wilt Thou not revive us again,
              that Thy people may rejoice in
              Thee?”  -Psalm 85:6

[1] Scripture quotation from The Amplified Bible, (C)1965
Zondervan Publishing House.

[2] From “The Total Image,” 1980, by Virginia Owens, Eerdmans
Publishing Company.

[3] “The Coming Purge” David Wilkerson Crusade.

[4] “Your Newsletter,” First Church of God, Fort Smith, AR.

[5] From “Sources And Resources.”

[6] “Time Magazine,” July 20, 1981.

[7] Sung to the tune of “Onward Christian Soldiers.”


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