Beginner’s Practice Story
AUTHOR: Unknown
PUBLISHED ON: May 5, 2003
PUBLISHED IN: Bible Studies
TAGS: Abel | Cain

                        Beginner’s Practice Story

        Maybe you can solve this mystery. You see, there were two young men
out in a field. I didn’t get a good look except, later, at something on the 
face of one of them. Anyway they were arguing, at least one of them was and
they were standing in front of a fire built on a pile of rocks. I said one
was arguing, all I can remember now is that the other one was kneeling in
front of the rocks with his eyes closed. Before I could cry out, the grouchy
one started beating on the other fellow until he fell down dead.
        If this wasn’t bad enough a powerful voice from somewhere called out to
the killer and you could tell he was still in a grouchy mood. Why, he answered
that voice as if he didn’t care two-cents about himself or anybody else!
        Well, the speaker soon put a stop to that because whatever was said
sure scared the wits out of that killer! He started running over hill and
dale like a tornado was right behind him!!! It was then, as he passed my
way, that I could make out a strange mark on his face. He seemed ashamed for
anybody to see that mark. I imagine his crime caught up with him one dark day.
        Do you think you know who he is? I hope it doesn’t take you too many
years to figure it out -because then you would get so old you would need a cane!
        Whether or not you know who did it, read Proverbs 28 and select the
verse which goes best with this story taken from Genesis 4.

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