Bible teachings on future things
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                    Bible teachings on future things


A.Postmillennial view.
    1. Meaning. The second coming of Christ is after the Millennium.
    2. Order of events. The latter part of the Church Age (that is, the last
1,000 years of it) is the Millennium, which will be an era of peace and
abundance brought about  through the efforts of the church. After this Christ
will come. Then  will follow generalresurrection and judgement and eternity.
    3. Method of interpretation. Post millennial interpretation is largely
spiritualized with regard to prophecy. However, Revelation 20 will be
fulfilled in the earthly kingdom that is brought in through the church’s

B. Amillennial view.
    1. Meaning. The second coming of Christ is at the end of the Church Age
and there is no earthly Millennium. Strictly, amillenarians believe that the
present state of the righteous in heaven is the Millennium, but there is no
earthly Millennium.
    2. Order of events. The Church Age will end in a time of trouble, Christ
will come, there will be general resurrection and judgment, then eternity.
    3. Method of interpretation.  Amillennial interpretation soiritualizes
the promises made to Israel as a nation and says they are fulfilled in the
church.  According to this view, Revelation 20 describes the scene of souls in
heaven during the time between the first and second comings of Christ.

C. Premillenial view.
    1. Meaning. The second coming of Christ will occur before the Millenium.
    2. Order of events. The Church Age ends in the time of Tribulation,Christ
returns to the  earth, He sets up and rules His kingdom for 1,000 years, the
resurrection and judgement of the unsaved occur, then eternity.
    3. Method of interpretation.  Premillennialism follows the plain, normal,
literal,historical, and grammatical method of interpretation. Revelation 20 is
understood literally.
    4. The question of the rapture. Among premillennialists there is no
agreement as to the time of the rapture (see next section)


A. The time of the rapture.  Postmillennialists and amillennialists both see
the rapture of the Church at the close of this age and concurrent with the
second coming of Christ.Among premillenialists there are several views.
    1. Pretribulation rapture.
        a.Meaning. The rapture of the Church(i.e., the coming of the Lord in
the air for His saints) will take place before the seven-year Tribulation
period according to this view.
        b. Proof cited.
          (1) The promise to kept out of the hour of trouble (Rev.3:10).
          (2) The removal of the residence aspect of the indwelling Spirits
work in believers requires the removal of belivers too (2Thes.2).
          (3) The Tribulation is a time of the outpouring of the wrath of God
and the Church is exempt from wrath (Rev.6:17;cf.1Thes.1-10;5:9).
          (4) The rapture can be imminent only if it is pretribulational

    2. Midtribulational rapture.
        a. Meaning. The rapture will occur after three and a half years of the
Tribulation have passed.
        b. Proof cited.
          (1) The last trump of 1Cor15:52 is the same as the seventh trumpet
of Rev.11:15 and that is sounded at the middle of the Tribulation.
          (2) The Great Tribulation is only the last half of Daniels 70th week
and the Church is promised deliverance only from that (Rev.11:2;12:6).
          (3) The resurrection of the two witnesses pictures the rapture of
the Church, and their resurrection occurs at the middle of the period
    3. Posttribulation rapture.
        a.Meaning. the rapture will occur at the end of the Tribulation. The
Church will be on earth during the entire Tribulation. The rapture is distinct
from the second coming though separated by only a very short interval of time.
        b. Proof cited.
          (1) The rapture and the second coming are described by the same
          (2) Preservation from the wrath means supernatural protection while
living in that time, not deliverance from the period (as Israel was protected
from the plagues while living in Egypt).
          (3) Saints are seen on the earth during the Tribulation
    4. Partial rapture.
        a.  Meaning. Only Saints who are worthy will be raptured before the
wrath of God is poured out; those who have not been faithful will remain on
the earth to endure the Tribulation.
        b. Proof cited
          verses like Hebrews 9:28, which require preparedness.
B. The discription of the Rapture
    1. The Scripture 1Thessalonians 4:13-18; 1Corinthians15:51- 57; John14:1-
    2. The events.
        a.The descent of Christ.
        b. The resurrection of the dead in Christ.
        c. The change from mortal to immortal bodies for Christians living at
the time.
        d. The meeting with Christ in the air to ascend to heaven.


A. ITS DURATION. It is the 70th week of Daniel and is therefore of sevenyears
duration (Dan.9:27).  Half the period is said to 42 months or 1,260 days
B. Its distinctiveness (Matt.24:21;Rev.6:15-17).
C. Its description.
    1. Judgemenst upon the world. The three series of judgements describe the
judgments (seals, Rev.6;trumpets, Rev.8-9;bowls,Rev.16).
    2. Persecution of Israel (Matt.24:9,22;Rev.12:17).
    3. Salvation of multitudes (Rev.7).
    4. Rise and dominion of Antichrist (2Thes.2; Rev.13)
D. Its end. The Tribulation ends in the gathering of the nations to the
battle of Armageddon and the return of Christ to the earth (Rev.19).

A Defination. The millennium is the 1,000 year period of the earthly reign of
Christ in fulfillment of the Abrahamic, Davidic, and new covenants.
B. Its designations. The Millennium is called the kingdom of heaven
(Matt.6:10), the kingdom of God (Luke 19:11), the kingdom of Christ
(Rev.11:15), the regeneration (Matt.19:28), the times of refreshing (Acts
3:19), and the world to come (Heb.2:5).
C. Its government.
    1. Its head will be Christ (Rev.19:16).
    2. Its character. A spiritual reign which will bring in peace, equity,
prosperity, and glory (Isa.11:2-5).
    3. Its capital will be Jerusalem (Isa.2:3).
D. Its relation to Satan. During this period Satan will be bound until the
very end, when he will be loosed in order to deceive the nations and lead one
final revolt against Christ (Rev.20). Satan will be defeated and cast into the
lake of fire forever.


A. Judgements of believers works
    1. Time. After the Church is raptured.
    2. Place. In heaven.
    3. Judge. Jesus Christ
    4. Subjects judged. All in the body of Christ.
    5. Basis. Works done in the body since time of salvation.
    6. Result. Rewards or loss of rewards.
    7. Scripture 1Cor.3:11-15; 2Cor.5:10

B. Judgement of Israel
    1. Time. At the second coming of Christ.
    2. Place. On the earth.
    3. Judge. Christ.
    4. Subjects judged. Jews who  are living when Christ comes.
    5. Basis. Acceptance of Messiah.
    6. Result. Saved to enter the kingdom.
    7. Scripture. Ezekiel 20:37-38

C. Judgement of fallen angels.
    1. Time. Probably after the Millenium.
    2. Place. Unspecified.
    3. Judges. Christ and believers.
    4. Subjects judged. Fallen angels.
    5. Basis. Disobedience to God in following Satan in his revolt.
    6. Result. Cast into the lake of fire.
    7. Scripture. Jude 6; 1Corinthians 6:3

D. Judgement of the unsaved dead.
    1. Time. After the Millenium.
    2. Place. Before the Great White Throne.
    3. Judge. Christ.
    4. Subjects judged. All unsaved men who have died from the beginning to
this time.  5. Basis. Rejection of the Saviour places them in this judgment,
but they are shown on the basis of their own works that they deserve eternal
    6. Result. Cast into the Lake of Fire.
    7. Scripture. Revelation 20:11-15


A. The resurrection of the Just (Luke 14:14; John 5:28-29).
    1. Includes the dead in Christ, who are raesed at the rapture of the
Church (1Thess.4:16).
    2. Includes those saved during the Tribulation period (Rev.20:4).
    3. Includes Old Testament saints (people who live for God and have faith
that he will keep His promises). Daniel 12:2

B. The resurrection of the Unjust.  All unsaved people will be raised after
the Millenium to stand before the Great White Throne in judgement (Rev.20:11-
15). This second resurrection results in the second death for all involved. 
After this begins a period of life with God on the ‘new earth’ for the rest of
ETERNITY. Make plans to be there!

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