Screwtape Letters
REVIEWD DATE: August 3, 2020
REVIEWED BY: Becca Guenther

CS Lewis produced another brilliant novel in Screwtape Letters. Here we see a series of letters written by Screwtape to his nephew Wormwood. Wormwood is a tempter-in-training and Screwtape is his advisor. Throughout his letters, Screwtape gives Wormwood detailed instructions as to how to get a Christian to fall.

Through this interaction he gives an in-depth look at a typical Christian life and it’s vulnerabilities to temptation. Screwtape is specifically guiding Wormwood in the deceit of a man, referred to as “Patient”. The ultimate goal is for Patient to fall from God and end up in Hell. The demon uses subtle deceit, such that even the strongest Christian may be fooled into straying from the Lord. 

Screwtape Letters is not only an objectively fascinating read, but provides the Christian with opportunity for self-analysis. In Wormwood’s interaction with Patient, we can see many of the ways we ourselves have been deceived. It is easy to fall for such discreet temptation, masked under the guise of truth. Much like Eve in the garden, we as Christians are always vulnerable to the Devil’s schemes. He knows our greatest weaknesses and loves nothing more than to exploit them for his gain.

Screwtape Letters is highly recommended for any Christian willing to analyze their own walk and identify areas where he may have fallen for the Devil’s deceitful ways. Lewis helps prepare us for the Enemy’s tactics so that we may not be fooled.

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