Trusting God by Jerry Bridges
BOOK AUTHOR: Jerry Bridges
PUBLISHER: NavPress Publishing Group
REVIEWD DATE: August 4, 2020
REVIEWED BY: Becca Guenther

Any believer, or human being for that matter, comes to a point in their life where they question the goodness and sovereignty of God. So much in our world is unexplainable and unjust, leaving anyone to wonder who is really in control. In Trusting God by Jerry Bridges, he addresses the hard issues that make us doubt who God is. 

Why do bad things happen to good people? Does God really love us? Is God in control? Is there even a God? For most of us, these questions have run through our head at one point or another. The human experience is one of hardship and trials, many of which are seemingly not of any fault of our own. So how could a loving and omnipotent God allow this? Where is He when we need Him? Bridges does a fantastic job of addressing these questions using Biblical truth. We see many examples in the Bible of people who were called by God to experience adversity. These situations are a result of our fallen world, but they are ultimately used for God’s glory. Most of the people in the Bible, such as Job, do not see the greater outcome in their lifetime, but we can look back with hindsight to see God’s hand at work. 

Trusting God also comes with a companion Bible study, which allows readers to delve deeper into these questions and how they are affecting our walk with the Lord. I highly recommend this book for anyone who may be going through a difficult trial or who wants to be able to speak to non-believers who are turned off to faith by these uncertainties.

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