THEOLOGIA GERMANICA by an Anonymous Author translated by Susanna Winkworth scanned from the 1893 Golden Treasury Series edition by John H. Richards (jhr@elidor.demon.co.uk) and presented as a Public Domain file on the InternetMarch 1995This work...

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Pilgrim’s Progress

InformationThis text was prepared by Logos Research Systems, Inc.  from an edition marked as follows:Auburn:Derby and Miller.Buffalo:Geo.  H. Derby and Co.1853THEPILGRIM'S PROGRESSFROMTHIS WORLDTOTHAT WHICH IS TO COME;DELIVERED UNDER THE SIMILTUDE...

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The Imitation of Christ

                  THE IMITATION OF CHRIST                              BY                      Thomas a Kempis                       TRANSLATED FROM                         THE LATIN INTO                         MODERN ENGLISH Digitized by Harry...

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