Famines in Scripture
AUTHOR: Dake, Finis Jennings
PUBLISHED ON: January 6, 2005
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As Abram continued his sojourn in the land of Canaan,

there was a famine in the land: and Abram went down into Egypt to sojourn there; for the famine was grievous in the land. (Gen. 12:7)

To help broaden your understanding of this experience, The Dake Annotated Reference Bible lists other famines in Scripture, on page 11 of the Old Testament:

Thirteen Famines in Scripture (Gen. 12:10)

In Canaan in Abraham’s day (Gen. 12:10)
In Canaan in Isaac’s day (Gen. 26:1)
In Canaan in Jacob’s day (Gen. 41:54-57)
In Canaan during the judges (Ruth 1:1)
In Canaan in David’s day (2 Sam. 21:1)
In Canaan in Elijah’s day (1 Ki. 17:1)
In Canaan in Elisha’s day (2 Ki. 4:38)
In Samaria in Elisha’s day (2 Ki. 6:25)
In Canaan in Elisha’s day (2 Ki. 8:1)
In Jerusalem in Zedekiah’s day (2 Ki. 25:3; Jer. 14)
In Canaan in Nehemiah’s day (Neh. 5:3)
In an unknown land (Lk. 15:14)
In the Roman Empire in Paul’s day (Acts 11:28)

Famines were judgments of God. They are mentioned elsewhere in connection with judgments (2 Sam. 24:13; Ps. 105:16; Isa. 51:19; Jer. 14:15; 15:2; 24:10; 27:8; Ezek. 5:12; 12:16), and foretold as a sign of the second coming of Christ (Mt. 24:7; Lk. 21:11). Promises during famine (2 Chr. 32:11; Ps. 33:19; 37:19; Rom. 8:35).

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