Fred Sheldon Donnelson, 1897-1974
AUTHOR: Unknown
PUBLISHED ON: March 13, 2003
PUBLISHED IN: Biographies

Fred Sheldon Donnelson
Fred Sheldon Donnelson was a native of the state of Iowa,
born in a small town called Missouri Valley. It was at a re-
vival meeting conducted by the famous Billy Sunday that, at
the age of 12, he gave his heart to the Lord Jesus. After
graduating from high school he served two years in the Coast
Artillery Division of the Army during World War I. Later he
graduated from the Northern Baptist Seminary and Wheaton Col-
lege, receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1928 from
Wheaton College.
        Sixteen years as a missionary to China unfolded as
years of success and sacrifice. Thousands of lives were
touched by his ministry in both times of peace and war. As a
prisoner of war with his family for nearly two years during
World War II, he displayed a characteristic which demon-
strated that he never expected of others a price any greater
than he himself was willing to pay.
        During the 18 years in which he served as director of
missions of the Baptist Bible Fellowship and professor of
missions in the Baptist Bible College, he became
affectionately and respectfully known as “Mr. Missions.”

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