George Mueller, 1805-1898,Christian Philanthropist
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PUBLISHED ON: March 13, 2003
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George Mueller
Christian philanthropist. George Mueller was born and raised
in Prussia and lived a life of sin and crime even while
studying for the ministry of the State Church. He was con-
verted at a prayer meeting in a private home and from that
time on his life was changed. He moved to England and there
sought acceptance by the London Missionary Society as a mis-
sionary to the Orient. Upon being rejected, he began to
preach and to minister wherever the Lord opened the door.
        This led him to Bristol, where, in 1834, he founded
the Scriptural Knowledge Institution for Home and Abroad. One
year later, he opened his first orphans’ home for 26 girls
with no financial assistance. By 1870 he had built five or-
phans’ homes, and by prayer and faith in God was feeding 2100
orphans daily. He solicited no one and told only the Lord of
the daily needs. Only born again Christians were accepted for
service in the Institution, and their care of the orphans was
spiritual as well as material. Many of the children were won
to Christ each year.
        The Scriptural Knowledge Institution also was instru-
mental in sending missionaries, Bibles, and Gospel literature
around the world. The various schools operated by the Insti-
tution matriculated over 121,000 students with thousands of
them receiving Christ while there. The Institution distrib-
uted almost 300,000 Bibles in many different languages. In
addition to one and one-half million New Testaments, 163 mis-
sionaries were sent out and/or supported, and over
111,000,000 tracts were distributed. In all, God poured out
in response to the faith and prayers of George Mueller in a
period of 63 years over $7,500,000.00, which he wisely and
prayerfully distributed in the spreading of the Gospel.
        Mueller read the Bible through over 200 times, half
of that on his knees, where he claimed the promise, “Open
wide thy mouth, and I will fill it.” He spent his last 17
years touring the world, telling of the blessing of a life of
faith. He died at the age of 93, leaving an estate valued at
less than one thousand dollars, for he had given back to the
Institute almost one-half million dollars of the personal
gifts he had received during 70 years of ministry.

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