Hitchcock's Bible Dictionary Section L-P
AUTHOR: Hitchcock
PUBLISHED ON: December 15, 2004
PUBLISHED IN: Educational

L Laadah, to assemble together; to testify; passing over
Laadan, for pleasure; devouring; judgment
Laban, white; shining; gentle; brittle
Labana, the moon; whiteness; frankincense
Lachish, who walks, or exists, of himself
Lael, to God; to the mighty
Lahad, praising; to confess
Lahairoi, who liveth and seeth me
Lahmam, their bread; their war
Lahmi, my bread; my war
Laish, a lion
Lamech, poor; made low
Laodicea, just people
Lapidoth, enlightened; lamps
Lasea, thick; wise
Lashah, to call; to anoint
Lazarus, assistance of God
Leah, weary; tired
Lebanon, white, incense
Lebaoth, lividness
Lebbeus, a man of heart; praising; confessing
Lebonah, same as Labana
Lehabim, flames; inflamed; swords
Lehi, jawbone
Lekah, walking; going
Lemuel, God with them, or him
Leshem, a name; putting; a precious stone
Letushim, hammermen; filemen
Leummim, countries; without water
Levi, associated with him
Libnah, white; whiteness
Libni, same as Libnah
Libya, the heart of the sea; fat
Linus, net
Lo-ammi, not my people
Lod, nativity; generation
Lois, better
Lo-ruhamah, not having obtained mercy; not pitied
Lot, Lotan, wrapt up; hidden; covered; myrrh; rosin
Lubin, heart of a man; heart of the sea
Lucas, Lucius, luminous; white
Lucifer, bringing light
Lud, Ludim, same as Lod
Luhith, made of boards
Luke, luminous; white
Luz, separation; departure; an almond
Lycaonia, she-wolf
Lydda, Lydia, a standing pool
Lysanias, that drives away sorrow
Lysias, dissolving
Lysimachus, scattering the battle
Lystra, that dissolves or disperses M Maachah, pressed down; worn; fastened
Maachathi, broken
Maadai, pleasant; testifying
Maadiah, pleasantness; the testimony of the Lord
Maai, belly; heaping up
Maale-akrabbim, ascent of scorpions
Maarath, den; making empty; watching
Maaseiah, the work of the Lord
Maasiai, the defense, or strength, or trust of the Lord
Maath, wiping away; breaking; fearing; smiting
Maaz, wood; wooden
Macedonia, burning; adoration
Machbenah, Machbanai, poverty; the smiting of his son
Machi, poor; a smiter
Machir, selling; knowing
Machnadebai, smiter
Machpelah, double
Madai, a measure; judging; a garment
Madian, judgment; striving; covering; chiding
Madmannah, measure of a gift; preparation of a garment
Madon, a chiding; a garment; his measure
Magbish, excelling; height
Magdala, tower; greatness
Magdalene, a person from Magdala
Magdiel, declaring God; chosen fruit of God
Magog, covering; roof; dissolving
Magor-missabib; fear on every side
Magpiash, a body thrust hard together
Mahalah, Mahalath, sickness; a company of dancers; a harp
Mahaleleel, praising God
Mahali, infirmity; a harp; pardon
Mahanaim, tents; two fields; two armies
Mahanehdan, tents of judgment
Mahanem, a comforter
Maharai, hasting; a hill; from a hill
Mahath, same as Maath
Mahavites, declaring a message; marrow
Mahaz, an end; ending; growing hope
Mahazioth, seeing a sign; seeing a letter
Maher-shalal-hash-baz, making speed to the spoil; he hastens to the prey
Mahlah, Mahli, Mahlon, same as Mahali
Makas, same as Mahaz
Makheloth, assemblies; congregations
Makkedah, worshiping; burning; raised; crookedness
Malachi, my messenger; my angel
Malcham, Malchom, their king; their counselor
Malchiah, Malchijah, the Lord my king, or my counselor
Malchiel, God is my king, or counselor
Malchus, my king, kingdom, or counselor
Maleleel, same as Mahaleleel
Mallothi, fullness; circumcision
Malluch, reigning; counseling
Mammon, riches
Mamre, rebellious; bitter; set with trees
Manaen, a comforter; a leader
Manahethites, my lady; my prince of rest
Manasseh, forgetfulness; he that is forgotten
Manoah, rest; a present
Maon, house; place of sin
Mara, Marah, bitter; bitterness
Maralah, sleep; a sacrifice of myrrh; ascension
Maranatha, the Lord is coming
Marcus, polite; shining
Mareshah, from the beginning; an inheritance
Mark, same as Marcus
Maroth, bitterness
Marsena, bitterness of a bramble
Martha, who becomes bitter; provoking
Mary, same as Miriam
Mash, same as Meshech
Mashal, a parable; governing
Masrekah, whistling; hissing
Massa, a burden; prophecy
Massah, temptation
Matred, wand of government
Matri, rain; prison
Mattan, Mattana, Mattenai, gifts; rains
Mattaniah, gift, or hope, of the Lord
Mattatha, his gift
Mattathias, the gift of the Lord
Matthan, same as Mattan
Matthanias, same as Mattaniah
Matthal, gift; he that gives
Matthew; given; a reward
Matthias, Mattithiah, same as Mattathias
Mazzaroth, the twelve signs of the zodiac
Meah, a hundred cubits
Mearah, den; cave; making empty
Mebunnai, son; building; understanding
Mecherath, selling; knowledge
Medad, he that measures; water of love
Medan, judgment; process
Medeba, waters of grief; waters springing up
Media, measure; habit; covering
Megiddo, his precious fruit; declaring a message
Megiddon, same as Megiddo
Mehetabel, how good is God
Mehida, a riddle; sharpness of wit
Mehir, a reward
Mehujael, who proclaims God
Mehuman, making an uproar; a multitude
Mejarkon, the waters of Jordan
Mekonah, a foot of a pillar; provision
Melatiah, deliverance of the Lord
Melchi, my king; my counsel
Melchiah, God is my king
Melchi-shua, king of health; magnificent king
Melchizedek, king of justice
Melea, supplying; supplied
Melech, king; counselor
Melita, affording honey
Mellicu, his kingdom; his counselor
Melzar, circumcision of a narrow place, or of a bond
Memphis, abode of the good
Memucan, impoverished; to prepare; certain; true
Menahem, comforter; who conducts them; preparation of heat
Menan, numbered; rewarded; prepared
Mene, who reckons or is counted
Meonenim, charmers, regarders of times
Mephaath, appearance, or force, of waters
Mephibosheth, out of my mouth proceeds reproach
Merab, he that fights or disputes
Meraioth, bitterness; rebellious; changing
Merari, bitter; to provoke
Mercurius, an orator; an interpreter
Mered, rebellious, ruling
Meremoth, bitterness; myrrh of death
Meres, defluxion; imposthume
Meribah, dispute; quarrel
Meribbaal, he that resists Baal; rebellion
Merodach, bitter contrition
Merodach-baladan, bitter contrition, without judgment
Merom, eminences; elevations
Meronothite, my singing; rejoicing; bearing rule
Meroz, secret, leanness
Mesha, burden; salvation
Meshach, that draws with force
Meshech, who is drawn by force
Meshelemiah, peace, or perfection, of the Lord
Meshezaheel, God taking away; the salvation of God
Meshillamith, peaceable; perfect; giving again
Meshullam; peaceable; perfect; their parables
Mesobaite, the Lord#39;s standing-place; a little doe
Mesopotamia, between two rivers
Messiah, anointed
Metheg-ammah, bridle of bondage
Methusael, who demands his death
Methusaleh, he has sent his death
Meunim, dwelling-places; afflicted
Mezahab, gilded
Miamin, the right hand
Mibhar, chosen; youth
Mibsam, smelling sweet
Mibzar, defending; forbidding; taking away
Micah, poor; humble
Micaiah, who is like to God?
Micha, same as Micaiah
Michaiah, Michael, same as Micah
Michal, who is perfect?
Michmach, he that strikes
Michmethah, the gift or death of a striker
Michri, selling
Michtam, golden psalm
Middin, judgment; striving
Midian, judgment; covering; habit
Migdalel, tower of God
Migdalgad, tower compassed about
Migdol, a tower
Migron, fear; farm; throat
Mijamin, right hand
Mikloth, little wants; little voices; looking downward
Minneiah, possession of the Lord
Milalai, circumcision; my talk
Milcah, queen
Milcom, their king
Miletum, red; scarlet
Millo, fullness
Miniamin, right hand
Minni, reckoned; prepared
Minnith, same as Minni
Miriam, rebellion
Mishael, who is asked for or lent
Mishal, parables; governing
Misham, their savior; taking away
Misheal, requiring; lent; pit
Mishma, hearing; obeying
Mishmannah, fatness; taking away provision
Mishraites, spread abroad
Mispar, Mispereth, numbering; showing; increase of tribute
Misrephoth-maim, hot waters
Mithcah, sweetness; pleasantness
Mithnite, loin; gift; hope
Mithredath, breaking the law
Mitylene, purity; cleansing; press
Mizar, little
Mizpah, Mizpeh, a watch-tower; speculation
Mizraim, tribulations
Mizzah, defluxion from the head
Mnason, a diligent seeker; an exhorter
Moab, of his father
Moladah, birth; generation
Molech, Moloch, king
Molid, nativity; generation
Mordecai, contrition; bitter; bruising
Moreh, stretching
Moriah, bitterness of the Lord
Moserah, Moseroth, erudition; discipline
Moses, taken out; drawn forth
Mozah, unleavened
Muppim, out of the mouth; covering
Mushi, he that touches, that withdraws or takes away
Myra, I flow; pour out; weep
Mysia, criminal; abominable
N Naam, fair; pleasant
Naamah, Naaman, beautiful; agreeable
Naarah, Naarai, young person
Naashon, that foretells; that conjectures
Nabal, fool; senseless
Naboth, words; prophecies
Nachon, ready; sure
Nachor, same as Nahor
Nadab, free and voluntary gift; prince
Nagge, clearness; brightness; light
Nahaliel, inheritance; valley of God
Nahallal, praised; bright
Naham, Nahamani, comforter; leader
Naharai, my nostrils; hot; anger
Nahash, snake; serpent
Nahath, rest; a leader
Nahbi, very secret
Nahor, hoarse; dry; hot
Nahshon, same as Naashon
Nahum, comforter; penitent
Nain, beauty; pleasantness
Naioth, beauties; habitations
Naomi, beautiful; agreeable
Naphish, the soul; he that rests, refreshes himself, or respires
Naphtali, that struggles or fights
Narcissus, astonishment; stupidity
Nason, helper; entry-way
Nathan, given; giving; rewarded
Nathanael, the gift of God
Nathan-melech, the gift of the king, or of counsel
Naum, same as Nahum
Nazareth, separated; crowned; sanctified
Nazarite, one chosen or set apart
Neah, moved; moving
Neapolis, the new city
Neariah, child of the Lord
Nebai, budding; speaking; prophesying
Nebaioth, words; prophecies; buds
Neballat, prophecy; budding
Nebat, that beholds
Nebo, that speaks or prophesies
Nebuchadnezzar, Nebuchadrezzar, tears and groans of judgment
Nebushasi_hahban, speech; prophecy; springing; flowing
Nebuzar-adan, fruits or prophecies of judgment
Necho, lame; beaten
Nedabiah, prince or vow of the Lord
Neginoth, d instruments
Nehelamite, dreamer; vale; brook
Nehemiah, consolation; repentance of the Lord
Nehum, comforter; penitent
Nehushta, made of brass
Nehushtan, a trifling thing of brass
Neiel, commotion, or moving, of God
Nekoda, painted; inconstant
Nemuel, the sleeping of God
Nepheg, weak; slacked
Nephish, same as Naphish
Nephishesim, diminished; torn in pieces
Nephthalim, same as Naphtali
Nephthoah, opening; open
Nephusim, same as Nephishesim
Ner, a lamp; new-tilled land
Nereus, same as Ner
Nergal, the great man; the hero
Nergal-sharezer, treasurer of Nergal
Neri, my light
Neriah, light; lamp of the Lord
Nethaneel, same as Nathanael
Nethaniah, the gift of the Lord
Nethinims, given or offered
Neziah, conqueror; strong
Nezib, standing-place
Nibhaz, budding; prophesying
Nibshan, prophecy; growing of a tooth
Nicanor, a conqueror; victorious
Nicodemus, victory of the people
Nicolas, same as Nicodemus
Nicolaitanes, followers of Nicolas
Nicopolis, the city of victory
Niger, black
Nimrah, Nimrim, leopard; bitterness; rebellion
Nimrod, rebellion (but probably an unknown Assyrian word)
Nimshi, rescued from danger
Nineveh, handsome; agreeable
Nisan, standard; miracle
Nisroch, flight; proof; temptation; delicate
No, stirring up; forbidding
Noadiah, witness, or ornament, of the Lord
Noah, repose; consolation
Noah, that quavers or totters (Zelophehad#39;s daughter)
Nob, discourse; prophecy
Nobah, that barks or yelps
Nod, vagabond; fugitive
Nodab, vowing of his own accord
Noe, same as Noah
Nogah, brightness; clearness
Noha, rest; a guide
Non, posterity; a fish; eternal
Noph, honeycomb; anything that distills or s
Nophah, fearful; binding
Nun, same as Non
Nymphas, spouse; bridegroom O Obadiah, servant of the Lord
Obal, inconvenience of old age
Obed, a servant; workman
Obed-edom, servant of Edom
Obil, that weeps; who deserves to be bewailed
Oboth, dragons; fathers; desires
Ocran, a disturber; that disorders
Oded, to sustain, hold or lift up
Og, a cake; bread baked in ashes
Ohad, praising; confessing
Ohel, tent; tabernacle; brightness
Olympas, heavenly
Omar, he that speaks; bitter
Omega, the last letter of the Greek alphabet; long O
Omri, sheaf of corn
On, pain; force; iniquity
Onam, Onan, same as On
Onesimus, profitable; useful
Onesiphorus, who brings profit
Ono, grief or strength or iniquity of him
Ophel, a tower; darkness; small white cloud
Ophir, fruitful region
Ophni, wearisomeness; folding together
Ophrah, dust; lead; a fawn
Oreb, a raven
Ornan, that rejoices
Orpah, the neck or skull
Oshea, same as Joshua
Othni, my time; my hour
Othniel, the hour of God
Ozem, that fasts; their eagerness
Ozias, strength from the Lord
Ozni, an ear; my hearkening P Paarai, opening
Padan-aram, cultivated field or table-land
Padon, his redemption; ox-yoke
Pagiel, prevention, or prayer, of God
Pahath-Moab, ruler of Moab
Pai, Pau, howling; sighing
Palal, thinking
Palestina, which is covered; watered; or brings and causes ruin
Pallu, marvelous; hidden
Palti, deliverance; flight
Paltiel, deliverance; or banishment, of God
Pamphylia, a nation made up of every tribe
Paphos, which boils, or is very hot
Parah, a cow; increasing
Paran, beauty; glory; ornament
Parbar, a suburb
Parmashta, a yearling bull
Parmenas, that abides, or is permanent
Parnach, a bull striking, or struck
Parosh, a flea; the fruit of a moth
Parshandatha, given by prayer
Paruah, flourishing; that flies away
Pasach, thy broken piece
Pasdammin, portion or diminishing of blood
Paseah, passing over; halting
Pashur, that extends or multiplies the hole; whiteness
Patara, trodden under foot
Pathros, Pathrusim, mouthful of dough; persuasion of ruin
Patmos, mortal
Patrobas, paternal; that pursues the steps of his father
Pau, same as Pai
Paul, small; little
Paulus, same as Paul
Pedahzur, strong or powerful savior; stone of redemption
Pedaiah, redemption of the Lord
Pekah, he that opens; that is at liberty
Pekahiah, it is the Lord that opens
Pekod, noble; rulers
Pelaiah, the Lord#39;s secret or miracle
Pelaliah, entreating the Lord
Pelatiah, let the Lord deliver; deliverance of the Lord
Peleg, division
Pelethites, judges; destroyers
Pelonite, falling; secret
Peniel, face or vision of God; that sees God
Peninnah, pearl; precious stone; the face
Pentapolis, five cities
Pentateuch, the five books of Moses
Pentecost, fiftieth
Penuel, same as Peniel
Peor, hole; opening
Perazim, divisions
Peresh, horseman
Perez, divided
Perez-Uzza, division of Uzza, or of strength
Perga, very earthy
Pergamos, height; elevation
Perida, separation; division
Perizzites, dwelling in villages
Persia, that cuts or divides; a nail; a gryphon; a horseman
Persis, same as Persia
Peruda, same as Perida
Peter, a rock or stone
Pethahiah, the Lord opening; gate of the Lord
Pethuel, mouth of God; persuasion of God
Peulthai, my works
Phalec, same as Peleg
Phallu, Pallu, admirable; hidden
Phalti Palti, deliverance, flight
Phanuel, face or vision of God
Pharaoh, that disperses; that spoils
Pharez, division; rupture
Pharisees, set apart
Pharpar, that produces fruit
Phebe, shining; pure
Phenice, Phoenicia, red; purple
Phichol, the mouth of all, or every tongue
Philadelphia, love of a brother
Philemon, who kisses
Philetus, amiable; beloved
Philip, warlike; a lover of horses
Philippi, same as Philip, in the plural
Philistines, those who dwell in villages
Philologus, a lover of letters, or of the word
Phinehas, bold aspect; face of trust or protection
Phlegon, zealous; burning
Phrygia, dry; barren
Phurah, that bears fruit, or grows
Phygellus, fugitive
Phylacteries, things to be especially observed
Pi-beseth, abode of the goddess Bahest or Bast
Pi-hahiroth, the mouth; the pass of Hiroth
Pilate, armed with a dart
Pinon, pearl; gem; that beholds
Piram, a wild ass of them
Pirathon, his dissipation or deprivation; his rupture
Pisgah, hill; eminence; fortress
Pisidia, pitch; pitchy
Pison, changing; extension of the mouth
Pithom, their mouthful; a dilatation of the mouth
Pithon, mouthful; persuasion
Pochereth, cutting of the mouth of warfare
Pontius, marine; belonging to the sea
Pontus, the sea
Poratha, fruitful
Potiphar, bull of Africa; a fat bull
Potipherah, that scatters abroad, or demolishes, the fat
Prisca, ancient
Priscilla, same as Prisca
Prochorus, he that presides over the choirs
Puah, mouth; corner; bush of hair
Publius, common
Pudens, shamefaced
Pul, bean; destruction
Punites, beholding; my face
Punon, precious stone; that beholds
Pur, Purim, lot
Putiel, God is my fatness
Puteoli, sulphureous wells

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