Keys to Revelation – Chapter 7
AUTHOR: Capoccia, Tony
PUBLISHED ON: May 12, 2003
PUBLISHED IN: Bible Studies

                        Keys to Revelation – Chapter 7

Taken from the HOLY BIBLE: NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION (C) 1978 by the New
York International Bible Society, used by permission of Zondervan Bible

          BIBLE TEXT                                  COMMENTARY

REV 7:1  After this I saw four            [after this I saw] – Introduces
angels standing at the four corners      another part of John’s vision.
of the earth, holding back the four
winds of the earth to prevent any        [four angels..four winds] – Four
wind from blowing on the land or on      angels are seen holding back the four
the sea or on any tree.                  winds of the earth: North Wind, East
                                          Wind, South Wind, and West Wind. All
                                          winds come from one of these four
                                          directions and God has commanded that
                                          His servants the angels prevent these
                                          winds from blowing, making the entire
                                          earth to experience calm winds.

                                          [prevent..wind] – Another judgment of
                                          God.  More and more as we experience
                                          energy shortages, man is developing
                                          a greater reliance on wind power and
                                          by the day of this judgment it could
                                          likely be a significant source of
                                          energy.  Man also has enjoyed the
                                          coolness of a breeze on a hot day and
                                          has relied on the wind to move the
                                          polluted air of major cities to pre-
                                          vent a great build-up of smog.

                                          But the greatest judgment will be in
                                          the change of the weather.  Without
                                          any wind, the clouds and the rain
                                          they bring will not be occurring and
                                          the earth’s food supplies will be
                                          greatly reduced.  Another judgment
                                          would be to the reproduction process
                                          of plants that rely on the wind to
                                          carry the pollen and/or seed. 

REV 7:2  Then I saw another angel        [from the East] – Possibly because
coming up from the east, having the      Palestine is east of Patmos.
seal of the living God. He called
out in a loud voice to the four          [seal] – Word indicates the seal is a
angels who had been given power to        signet ring, like that used by an
harm the land and the sea:                Oriental monarch, to give validity to
                                          the official documents.

                                          [seal of God] – A special mark that
                                          was painted, tattooed, or maybe even
                                          applied with lasers in a such a way
                                          that clearly showed who God’s true
                                          children were.  It was done before in
                                          Ezekiel 9 were God had an ink mark
                                          placed on the foreheads of those who
                                          hated sin, in order for them to avoid

REV 7:3  “Do not harm the land or        In addition to the Calm Wind judgment
the sea or the trees until we put a      God prepares to pour out His wrath on
seal on the foreheads of the              the land, sea, and trees, but only
servants of our God.”                    after he first sealed those on the
                                          earth who belonged to Him.

REV 7:4  Then I heard the number of      [144,000] – Not a select group from
those who were sealed: 144,000 from      among the Believers on the earth,
all the tribes of Israel.                rather, they are the only faithful
                                          Believers alive when this event takes
                                          place.  All the other Christians were
                                          removed from the earth during the
                                          Rapture, at the beginning of the
                                          Tribulation Period. 

                                          [from..Israel] – God chose Israel to
                                          bring the Good News to the lost but
                                          she never fulfilled that command and
                                          rather put up barriers to the lost,
                                          preventing them from knowing the
                                          the truth.  But now God is causing 
                                          Israel to be faithful to their first
                                          commission of reaching the lost

REV 7:5  From the tribe of Judah          [From the tribe of…] – God chose
12,000 were sealed, from the tribe        the twelve tribes of Israel for His
of Reuben 12,000, from the tribe of      witness during the Tribulation.
Gad 12,000,                              12,000 were selected from each tribe.

                                          When God was completed He had 144,000
                                          Jewish Evangelists all preaching the
                                          pure and holy Gospel of Jesus Christ.

REV 7:6  from the tribe of Asher
12,000, from the tribe of Naphtali
12,000, from the tribe of Manasseh

REV 7:7  from the tribe of Simeon
12,000, from the tribe of Levi
12,000, from the tribe of Issachar

REV 7:8  from the tribe of Zebulun
12,000, from the tribe of Joseph
12,000, from the tribe of Benjamin

REV 7:9  After this I looked and          [great multitude] – These are the
there before me was a great              those who the 144,000 witnessed to
multitude that no one could count,        and who were led to Christ by the
from every nation, tribe, people          Holy Spirit (see REV 7:14).  One must
and language, standing before the        remember that these believers began
throne and in front of the Lamb.          the Tribulation Period as wicked
They were wearing white robes and        sinners in total rebellion to God,
were holding palm branches in their      but God sent the 144,000 preachers
hands.                                    with the Gospel message that brought
                                          the Faith to them so they could then
                                          Believe in Christ, Repent of their
                                          sins and Submit to the Lordship of
                                          the Lamb of God–Jesus Christ.

                                          [white robes] – See REV 19:8 and

                                          [palm branches] – The palm is a sign
                                          of festive joy and also an emblem of
                                          victory.  Here they represent the joy
                                          and the victory of those who have
                                          been redeemed by the Blood of Christ.

REV 7:10  And they cried out in a        [sits on the throne] – God the Father
loud voice: “Salvation belongs to        (see REV 4:2 commentary).
our God, who sits on the throne,
and to the Lamb.”                        [Lamb] – Jesus is the Lamb of God,
                                          the perfect sacrifice (JOH 1:29,36;
                                          ACT 8:32; 1PE 1:19).

REV 7:11  All the angels were            [all the angels] – These are the same
standing around the throne and            angels listed in REV 5:11 as “…many
around the elders and the four            angels, numbering thousands upon
living creatures. They fell down on      thousands, and ten thousand times ten
their faces before the throne and        thousand.”  A number that literally
worshiped God,                            cannot be counted by man.

                                          [elders…living creatures] – See
                                          REV 4:4, 4:7 commentary.

                                          [fall down…faces] – Proper response
                                          of a creature to its Creator.

REV 7:12  saying: “Amen! Praise and      [saying] – They respond to the cry of
glory and wisdom and thanks and          the redeemed (v. 10) with “Amen” and
honor and power and strength be to        sing praise and glory to God for His
our God for ever and ever. Amen!”        great salvation to man.  Compare this
                                          doxology with REV 5:12-13.

REV 7:13  Then one of the elders          [asked me] – One of the elders, 
asked me, “These in white robes–        anticipating the question which John
who are they, and where did they          is about to ask, poses a question to
come from?”                              him.

REV 7:14  I answered, “Sir, you          [washed… made them white] – Both
know.” And he said, “These are they      verbs indicate a “once-for-all”
who have come out of the great            action which took place in the past.
tribulation; they have washed their      (See HEB 9:24; 1JN 1:7-9; ISA 64:6
robes and made them white in the          and ISA 1:18).
blood of the Lamb.

REV 7:15  Therefore, “they are            [serve Him] – All those whose sins
before the throne of God and serve        have been washed in the Blood of the
him day and night in his temple;          Lamb will perform worshipful service
and he who sits on the throne will        to God forever.
spread his tent over them.
                                          [day and night] – Heaven has no night
                                          so the idea is from man’s perspective
                                          to indicate for ever and ever.

                                          [spread His tent] – God’s presence
                                          will ever be with His saints as
                                          though He lived in the same tent with
                                          them at all times, as though He
                                          spread His presence over them like a

REV 7:16  Never again will they          [hunger…thirst…scorching] – These
hunger; never again will they            were part of the Tribulation trials
thirst. The sun will not beat upon        that they faced, but like us, they
them, nor any scorching heat.            also hungered and thirsted for
                                          righteousness (MAT 5:6).

REV 7:17  For the Lamb at the            [Lamb…shepherd] – An intriguing
center of the throne will be their        idea that a lamb would become a
shepherd; he will lead them to            shepherd. 
springs of living water. And God
will wipe away every tear from            [lead them] – Jesus, our Shepherd, is
their eyes.”                              currently leading all of His lambs
                                          through this life, on a journey that
                                          will ultimately arrive in Heaven at
                                          the River of the Water of Life (REV

                                          [wipe away every tear] – Like a 
                                          mother who wipes away her child’s
                                          tears so they will smile and laugh
                                          again.  All of our sorrows of this
                                          life on earth will be wiped away and
                                          a permanent smile with laughter will

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