Mormon BYU Like Auschwitz
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PUBLISHED ON: April 29, 2003
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Mormon BYU Like Auschwitz

The Salt Lake Tribune related the fate of David P. Wright, former professor of
Near Eastern languages at the Mormon-owned and operated Brigham Young

Wright, who served a mission for the LDS church was fired after four years of
teaching because of his beliefs about the Book of Mormon.

“Mr. Wright says his own research shows that the Book of Mormon is best
explained as a 19th century “inspired’ work rather than a document translated
from ancient records,” (July 20, 1988; p. B1).

As a result of honest scholarship, Wright was fired.

Commenting on Wright’s termination, Michael D. Quinn, also a former professor
of Brigham Young University, and the author of the outstanding book Early
Mormonism and the Magic World View, drew a very revealing parallel:

“…Mr. Wright’s firing is evidence that ‘the grinding machine of orthodoxy at
BYU is unrelenting. BYU officials have said that Harvard should aspire to
become the BYU of the East,’ said Mr. Quinn,… ‘that’s like saying the Mayo
Clinic should aspire to be Auschwitz (a Nazi concentration camp). BYU is the
Auschwitz of the mind,'” (Ibid).

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