AUTHOR: Canfill, David
PUBLISHED ON: March 19, 2003
PUBLISHED IN: Christian Living

From:    David Canfil
To:      Jim Bowman
25-Nov-87 08:36pm

Hello, Jim. Thank you for the message from Kansas City, and for the testimonial
of faith. I hope this finds you abiding well in the Lord Jesus Christ.

In response to your question, *pharmakeia* is the Gk. word that’s translated
‘witchcraft’ or ‘sorcery’ in Gal. 5.20, i.e. one of the ‘works of the flesh’.
This Gk. word is the source of our Eng. words like ‘pharmacy’,
‘pharmaceutical’, etc. Drugs are inferred.

The study of the origin and development of words (called ‘Etymology’) can
sometimes mislead as much as clarify. But narcotics and hallucinogenic drugs
were not uncommon in NT times. For instance, the Oracles of Delphi apparently
used *Datura* during their quests for visions. This is the scientific, Latin
classification of Jimson weed. It contains powerful alkaloids (biochemical
bases of vegetable origin which include many other drugs, quite a number of
which have narcotic or hallucinogenic effects: e.g. mescaline, cocaine,
morphine, etc., etc.).

In Carlos Casteneda’s books about his anthropological research with a Yaqui
Indian ‘brujo’ (Spanish for ‘witch’, or ‘sorcerer’), we encounter Datura being
employed for vision quests. The sorcerer also uses mescaline, and various
other substances.

Now, the majority of people abusing drugs today aren’t using the drugs as parts
of deliberate supernatural rituals, but for ‘recreation’.

The supernatural, however, is inescapable whether a person believes in it or

One form of worship today which doesn’t seem like religion at first, but which
is very common and which does in fact have supernatural significance, is Self.
People love pleasures rather than God. When we are selfish it does no harm to
God, it hurts us.

Much drug use today begins as a quest for self-absorbed pleasure, or escape.
The drugs are not inherently evil in themselves. The evil emerges from
unredeemed hearts and minds as they commit spiritual adultery.

The enemy tries to fuel these processes along, trying to bring people under
physical, psychological and spiritual bondage. Satanists are often involved in
chains of supply, and they are involved in two ways.

First of all, people covenanted with the evil one are often the actual
suppliers of drugs. Noticed how it often happens that authorities arrest
users, dealers and smugglers, but very seldom the actual, original suppliers?
They seem ‘protected’, and are, by dark forces.

Secondly, just as Christians seek God’s will and blessings on their
enterprises, satanists often dose drug operations and the drugs themselves
with ‘energy’, i.e. spells, seeking their master’s purposes. People who are
not believers in anything then obtain and use the drugs, and they are
extremely vulnerable.

I’m not communicating speculations here, and share things not ordinarily
suspected or understood. As we seek to serve our Lord Jesus Christ in the
world, satanists seek to serve their master. We seek souls. They do too. We
seek to free captives. They seek to captivate and bring souls under bondage.

Drugs can be ‘useful’ operations. Also grab lots of money. The mafia and others
who help supply the drugs think they are getting power, but actually a power
is using them.

Finally, it has to be said that kids are RIGHT to seek meanings beyond the
‘normal’ values of middle-class American life, beyond the values of personal
affluence plus personal ‘happiness’ plus nothing. But drugs aren’t the answer.
They aren’t a satisfactory alternative.

I hope my response to your question proves useful. See also, by the way, Rev.
9.21 and 18.23.

Rejoice, my brother, for our Lord Jesus Christ redeems His own. Yours always in

* Origin: Trinity 2 – Faringdon, Oxfordshire  (511/113)

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