Scientologist Manipulate Sales Figures
AUTHOR: Watchman Fellowship
PUBLISHED ON: April 29, 2003

Scientologists Manipulate Sales Figures

      Courts Clear Release of Suppressed Hubbard Biography

Many people have been turned off by the advertising campaign for
Dianetics and other of L. Ron Hubbard’s other science fiction
works in the “Mission Earth” series.  Many have been puzzled and
suspicious of how Hubbard’s book promotions by Scientology’s
Bridge Productions consistently claimed that their books were on
the New York Times best seller list.

Recently, suspicions were confirmed.  The stories by the Los
Angeles Times exposing Scientology, and a story in the San Diego
Union, tell how they do it.  In keeping with deceptive,
manipulative and controlling practices of cults, the articles
report that Scientologists are ordered to buy the books in huge
quantities either with their own money or money supplied by

This information is supplied by managers of Walden Books, B.
Dalton Bookstore, other bookstore owners, and former leaders and
members of Scientology (Los Angeles Times, 28 June 1990, p.A22).
The L. A. Times reported that their purpose is to make L. Ron
Hubbard famous and promote his image.  Also this appeal could be
used to recruit new members into the Church of Scientology

In another issue the Church of Scientology was ordered by the
court to hand over its financial records to the IRS which is
seeking to tax Scientology as a commercial enterprise (St.
Petersburg Times, 18 April 90, p.3B).  The Church of Scientology
is afraid of exposure and regularly tries to block through the
courts the distribution of books exposing the cult.

They failed to stop “L. Ron Hubbard, Messiah or Madman” co-
authored by Brent Corydon (former high ranked leader) and L. Ron
Hubbard, Jr.  They succeeded in stopping the respected biographer
and journalist, Russell Miller’s book, “The Bare Faced Messiah,”
not on liable or slander or false information, but on the use of
some copyright material.  (Copies of this damaging expose can
still be found in libraries and bookstores if they have not been
bought or stolen).

Now the court has cleared the release of a new biography called
“A Piece of Blue Sky: Scientology, Dianetics and L. Ron Hubbard
Exposed” by Jon Atack (The Cult Observer, May/June 1990, p.18).

Noted semanticist and former U.S. Senator, S.I. Hayakawa wrote in
a lengthy evaluation of Dianetics in “Etc: A Review of General
Semantics” that “… the damage it can do with its accompanying
pretentious and nonsensical doctrines… the lure of the pseudo
scientific vocabulary and promises of dianetics cannot but
condemn thousands who are beginning to emerge from scientific
illiteracy to a continuation of their susceptibility to work
magic and semantic hash,” (Vol. 8, No. 4, 1951, pp.280-293).

Hayakawa also posited that Hubbard’s science fiction background
led him to internalize the pseudo-scientific assumption,
underlying the verbiage of Dianetics.

And, finally, Scientology, which has a long criminal record and
has been under indictment in Canada and Spain, again changed
gears in an effort to gain converts, make more money and disguise
who they are.  They have organized many front organizations as
the vehicles for these objectives.  Some of these are business
management programs under W.I.S.E. (Worldwide Institute of
Scientology Enterprises).  They go or have gone by various names
such as Sterling Management, Steller Management, Singer
Consultants, Uptrends, Owl Management, and Applied Scholastics.
Also they work through NARCONON, an alleged drug rehab program,
Concerned Businessmen of American, The Way to Happiness, Set a
Good Example Contest, both aimed at school children.

The Church of Scientology has demonstrated itself to be “one of
the oldest, wealthiest, and most dangerous of the major ‘new
religions’ or cults operating in America today” (Scientology:
Anatomy of a Frightening Cult,” Readers Digest, May, 1980.

They have been thoroughly exposed and denounced by the FBI, IRS,
CIA, the courts, foreign governments, Forbes magazine, and major
documentaries by the BBC, 60 Minutes, St. Petersburg Times, and
the Los Angeles Times.  Two high courts, one British and one
American, have written in their judgements against Scientology
“immoral… corrupt because it is based on lies and deceit…
sinister… and dangerous because it is out to capture people…
indoctrinate them so that they become the unquestioning captives
and tools of the cult,” (London Daily Mail, 24 July 1984).

The U.S. Appeals Court in its judgement against Scientology said
that “the church’s conduct was manifestly outrageous” and
“exceeded all bounds tolerated by a decent society, of a nature
which is especially calculated to cause and does cause mental
distress” (Larry Wallersheim vs. Church of Scientology, pp.11-17,

If further information is needed concerning Scientology or its
many front organizations, contact Watchman Fellowship.
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