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List of articles in the category Testimonies
Personal testimonies and the testimonies of Christian leaders and figures
BLESSED BLISS By: Corts, Thomas E.
In Category: Testimonies
Keywords: gospel music Philip Paul Bliss D.L. Moody
Description: A testimony of hymnwriter Philip Paul Bliss

Duncan Campbell Saved and Sanctified By: Campbell, Duncan
In Category: Testimonies
Keywords: revival testimony
Description: Duncan Campbell was mightily used of God in two great revival periods. Entire villages in the Hebrides Islands were smitten by the power of God, and saloons were nailed shut with signs reading: "Closed forever."

O.D. A Story of Teenage Drug Addiction By: Wilkerson, David
In Category: Testimonies
Keywords: drug addiction hope of deliverance
Description: A true story about the descent into and outcome of drug addiction

Polycarp, disciple of the Apostle John, ... By: Unknown
In Category: Testimonies
Keywords: Polycarp martyr
Description: Polycarp's testimony, an inspiration to beilievers