The Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ
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PUBLISHED ON: May 12, 2003
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                  The Life And Ministry Of Jesus Christ

      1. The first glimpse of Gods redemptive plan is found in Genesis
        3:15. Make at least four observations on this passage.


          This first prophecy about the coming of the Messiah is placed into
          the language of descent, or ‘seed’, and shows that He would come
          through the woman Eve. It is a broad prediction of the Messiah’s
          coming through the human race.Throughout the rest of the Old
          Testament the prophecies narrow down from His coming through the
          human race to being born to a specific family. God continually
          amplified the details of His promised redemption in narrowing down
          the messianic line.

    2. What are the main points of the following promises given in the
        Old Testament?

        A)Nation-Abraham (Gen. 12:1-3, 15:5-6, 17:4-8)


        B)Tribe-Judah (Gen.49:10)

        C)Family-David (2 Sam 7:16, Psalm 89:34-36)

          The credentials of the Messiah were based on more than cryptic
          promises and a narrowing down of His ancestry. The prophets of
          Israel throughout the many centuries of their ministry provided
          detailed information about what the life of the Messiah would be
          like. True prophecy in the Old Testament did not originate with
          the speaker or the writer (Isaiah 51:16, Jer 23:16) but with God.
          The prophet was one who was a speaker for God, and when God spoke
          through His servants the prophets..He validated their ministry
          through the fulfillment of short-range prophecies. (Jer 28:9)

          Because their short range prophecies had been fulfilled as predicted,


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