The Witness of the Animal Kingdom
AUTHOR: Donovan, Brian
PUBLISHED ON: April 14, 2003

                    The Witness Of The Animal Kingdom

by Brian Donovan

Men are going to have a rough time at the Judgment trying to justify
their disobedience, in view of the fact that from Genesis to
Revelation you have a chain of references showing immediate, complete
obedience in the animal kingdom.  Ignorance will be a lame excuse for
any man in the face of lions, birds, and even jackasses with a track
record of obedience to the Lord’s commands.  Won’t it be something to
see a Yale professor claiming that he didn’t know (agnostic), and the
Lord brings in a skunk to explain how he walked a couple of miles to
get on the ark simply because he was told to by his Creator?

According to Romans 1:19-20, the whole creation sits in front of our
eyes as a testimony to the Lord’s work.  Instead of observing and
learning from the animal kingdom, educated men have tried to change
the glory of God into an image of his corruptible self (Rom.  1:21-
23).  All through the ages men have ignored the obvious lessons shown
not only in the Bible, but in the natural creation they see from day
to day.

The Bible records a number of incidents where animals carry out the
Lord’s wishes without hesitation.  In Daniel 6, some hungry lions are
told to leave God’s prophet alone for the night.  Because they obey,
they are rewarded with a much bigger meal the next day.  It is amazing
to watch how men react under the same revelation.  When Stephen is
brought before a council in Acts 6, the men are shown that this is
God’s man (Acts 6:15–they see the face of an angel!).  Their reaction
is to stone him anyway, proving that an educated, religious man
doesn’t have the sense of an untamed lion.

The Lord uses ravens to keep Elijah alive during a famine (1 Kings
17), yet He cannot depend on rich American Christians to keep
missionaries on a foreign field, preaching the gospel.  He tells some
jackasses to get lost in the field so that Saul can be anointed by
Samuel (1 Sam.  9), but has trouble getting Peter to go to a lost
Gentile (Acts 10).  Beasts sing and give glory to God before His
throne during the great Tribulation (Rev.  4:8), while men on earth
refuse to repent and give up their fornication and murder (Rev.  9:20-
21).  The Lord has always had more trouble with men than with His
brute creation.  If Darwin was right and you came from a lemur, man
has degenerated from when he was an animal.  Unless, of course, you
believe that disobedience to God is progress.

I realize that we are living in a time when man has found a myriad of
“scientific” reasons why he cannot believe the Biblical account, but
the Lord has given him ample chance to see and believe.  Thou art
inexcusable, O man; you will give an account of what you know in your
heart in spite of what you say with your mouth.  Luther Burbank, who
studied and experimented with plants all his life, ignored what his
own experiments proved (you can mix all you want, but you cannot
create a new species).  Instead of giving glory to God, he rejected
the revelation given and said, “The idea that a good God would send
people to a burning hell is utterly damnable to me–the ravings of
insanity ….  I prefer and claim the right to worship the infinite,
everlasting, almighty God of this universe as revealed to us
gradually, step by step, by the demonstrable truths of our savior,

In 1926, Burbank found out the hard way that science is no savior.  He
died.  If only he had gone to Job 12 and believed his laboratory.
“But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of
the air, and they shall tell thee:  Or speak to the earth, and it
shall teach thee:  and the fishes of the sea shall declare unto thee.
Who knoweth not in all these that the hand of the Lord hath wrought

Be honest.  Can you look at the flight of the falcon, the path of the
dolphin, or the birth of your child and believe that it all was once a
paramecium?  Who doesn’t know that the hand of the Lord has done all
this?  He has created you for His glory, and gave His Son, Jesus
Christ, so you can enjoy eternity forever in His presence.  As
Burbank, you have a right to worship the god you please, but know
this:  “Thou art inexcusable, O man.”

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