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John Edward Brown, 1879-1957, Evangelist,...

Written by: Unknown    Posted on: 03/13/2003

Category: Biographies

Source: CCN

John Elward Brown 1879-1957 Evangelist, educator, broadcaster, and author. Dr. John E. Brown, founder of the university that bears his name, will be remembered throughout eternity as an evangelist who led more than 400,000 souls to Christ through evangelistic campaigns, church crusades, personal work and Christian education. In a day when in some circles evangelism was subject, John Brown of Arkansas, as he was called so often, proved the validity of evangelism by conducting city-wide meetings that were suc- cessful in their spiritual response and above reproach in ev- ery business transaction. Businessmen and children alike loved and respected him.         His crusades carried him to every part of the United States and Canada, while his most successful campaigns were conducted in California. Dr. Brown will be remembered for his messages on the Holy Spirit. Many of those messages are com- piled in one of the more than 40 books he authored, this one titled, Will Pentecost Be Repeated?         John E. Brown, Sr., continues to be remembered by his broadcasts, for "he, being dead, yet speaketh." The broadcasts are aired today on KUOA in Siloam Springs, Arkan- sas, and KGER, Long Beach, California. The school that bears his name, John Brown University, is located in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. It is a fully accredited, distinctly evan- gelical university whose motto is, "Christ over all." The unique educational aspect of his school continues to empha- size threefold, Christ-centered education--namely, head, heart, and hand. As Dr. Brown has said so often, "The way to victory in a few words is...trust God...go to work!"

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