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The Premillennial Kingdom of God

Written by: Jeffrey, Grant R.    Posted on: 08/14/2005

Category: Prophecy

Rev. Joseph Mede wrote an extremely important comentary about the book of Revelation in 1627 entitled The Key of the Revelation that upheld the ancient apostolic Church's premillennial teaching regarding Christ returning to earth to defeat the Antichrist and to establish His literal one thousand year kingdom of God:

"Whatsoever almost is found from the Jews, whatsoever is delivered by the Lord in His Gospel, or any where in the New Testament by the Apostles concerning the day of the great judgement; that is taken out of this vision of Daniel [Daniel 7]; to wit, that judement to be accomplished by fire, Christ to come in the clouds of heaven, to come in the glory of His Father with multitude of Angels, the Saints with Him to judge the earth, Antichrist to be abolished 'with the brightness of His coming', etc. So that they go about wholly to undermine the pillar of the Evangelical Faith concerning the glorious coming of Christ, who neglecting the ancient tradition of the Church, endeavour to turn this prophecy to another end." (Joseph Mede, The Key of the Revelation, 1627)

"The kingdom therefore which neither shall be as before the appearance of our Lord, nor after the last resurrection, is necessarily to be concluded between them." (Joseph Mede, The Key of the Revelation, 1627)

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