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Chrysostom, John of Antioch, 347-407

Written by: Unknown    Posted on: 03/13/2003

Category: Biographies

Source: CCN

Chrysostom, John of Antioch 347-407 John was born and raised in Antioch, Syria, where he studied the Scriptures and served as a deacon. Later he became pastor of the leading church. During his ten-year pastorate there, he taught the Scriptures as well as writing commentaries. He was made Archbishop of Constantinople in 397, and preached there for six years, condemning sin in high places as well as low places. The Empress Eudosia banished him because she said that he had insulted her.         He was soon recalled, but not tamed. He continued his strong preaching against sin until, banished again, he died in the desert. Thirty years later, his bones were taken back to Constantinople and buried with great pomp. His oratorical powers caused him to be called "Chrysostom," which means, "the golden mouth."

ARTIST'S NOTE: An attempt has been made both in the back- ground and the costume to show the Byzantine culture which surrounded the man. Incorporated into this is the name it- self, "Golden Mouth"--hence, the predominance of the gold.

Ruckman '66

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