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Rules for Judging

Written by: Melton, James L.    Posted on: 09/25/2006

Category: Sermon Outlines

Rules for Judging John 7:24
Christians are expected to judge people, places, and things (I Cor. 2:15), but there are certain rules that we must follow:

    1. Judge scripturally - Isa. 8:20
    2. Do not judge when God's word is silent - Col. 2:16
    3. Do not respect persons in judgment - Pro. 24:23
    4. Pray for good judgment ability - I Kings 3:5-12
    5. Judge in truth - get the facts - Jer. 5:1
    6. If you have to judge, judge mercifully - Mat. 7:1-2
    7. Don't forget to judge yourself - I Cor. 11:30-31

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