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Jonathan Goforth, 1859-1936, Missionary to China

Written by: Unknown    Posted on: 03/17/2003

Category: Biographies

Source: CCN

Jonathan Goforth 1859-1936 Missionary to China. Jonathan Goforth was converted to Christ at the age of 18. While attending college, he did rescue mis- sion work. He read Hudson Taylor's book about missionary work in China, and it so moved him that he dedicated his life to the Lord as a missionary. He and his wife labored in Honan, China, training hundreds of Chinese pastors and evangelists. During the Boxer Rebellion of 1900, the Goforths barely es- caped with their lives, though suffering severe wounds.         They returned to the Orient and helped start a re- vival in Korea in 1907. This revival seemed to follow them as they went back to China. In 1925 they went to Manchuria and served there for eight years before ill health forced them to return to Canada.         Although Goforth was blind the last years of his life, he and his wife promoted missions until they went home to be with the Lord.

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