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Lewis Sperry Chafer, 1871-1952,Lecturer,Theologian

Written by: Unknown    Posted on: 03/17/2003

Category: Biographies

Source: CCN

Lewis Sperry Chafer 1871-1952 American Bible lecturer and theologian. Lewis Sperry Chafer was born February 27, 1871, at Rock Creek, Ohio. Graduating from Oberlin College in 1892, he studied under Dr. Frank E. Finch and was ordained to the Presbyterian ministry in 1900. Chafer launched into evangelism, demonstrating talent as a Gospel singer, as well as a preacher. He toured as a renown Bible lecturer from 1914 until 1924, when he founded Dallas Theological Seminary and became its first president.         Chafer was widely honored, receiving a D.D. from Wheaton (1926), Litt.D., Dallas (1924), and Th.D. from the Aix-en-Province, France, Protestant Seminary (1946). He wrote prolifically, producing his widely-read Grace, Salvation and True Evangelism and his monumental Systematic Theology. Through all of the acclaim and accomplishments, his students remember best his deep reverence for the Word and a daily, humble dependence on the Holy Spirit.         Dr. Chafer died August 22, 1952, but his work contin- ues through his books and his students.

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