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Louis S. Bauman, 1875-1950, Brethren Minister

Written by: Unknown    Posted on: 03/17/2003

Category: Biographies

Source: CCN

Louis S. Bauman
Louis Sylvester Bauman, pastor, missionary   statesman, Bible conference speaker, and author, was born on November 13,  1875.  The son of an itinerant Brethren minister and evangelist, William J.H.  Bauman,  he yielded to the call of God to
the Christian ministry in young  manhood.  Dr. Bauman served in pastorates at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Mexico  and  Rowan, Indiana; Long Beach, California; and Washington, D.C. His pastorate  at  Long Beach continued for 34 years, building a membership of over 1,900 and   attendances nearing 2,500. 
During that time, many branch churches were  started in Southern  California, and over 150 young men and women entered full- time Christian  service. His ministry as an evangelist was blessed of God.  Brethren churches  from coast to coast credit his early meetings as the  beginning of their work. 
Early in his pastorate in Philadelphia, a street  car conductor, James  Gribble, was saved. Mr. Gribble became the first Brethren  pioneer missionary  to go to the Central African Republic, a ministry that has  produced today  almost 500 Brethren churches and a membership of over 80,000  African  Christians. 
Dr. Bauman served on the trustee board and as a  missionary editor of the  Foreign Missionary Society of the Brethren Church from  1904 to 1950. He died  on November 8, 1950, and was buried on his 75th birthday.

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