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Oliver Boyce Greene, 1915-1976, Baptist Evangelist

Written by: Unknown    Posted on: 03/17/2003

Category: Biographies

Source: CCN

Oliver Boyce Greene 1915-1976 Oliver Boyce Greene was born on February 14, 1915, in Green- ville, South Carolina. He accepted Christ as his Saviour when he was 20 years old. Five months later, the Lord called him to preach, and, to prepare for this, he entered North Green- ville Baptist College. After attending college for two years, he entered the full-time ministry as an independent Baptist evangelist.         For 35 years, he conducted revivals all across Amer- ica in churches and in his own tent, until failing health forced him to stop. Also, he preached a daily radio broadcast over a network which grew from one station in 1939 to 180 stations at his death. The Gospel Hour is still heard coast to coast by his taped messages.         Dr. Greene was a prolific author, writing and pub- lishing many verse-by-verse commentaries on the Bible in ad- dition to numerous sermon books and soul-winning booklets. The soul-winning booklets were a literary form pioneered by Dr. Greene, whose dream it was to see short, well-written, and attractive booklets placed in the hands of hundreds of thousands of people around the world.         Dr. Greene was called home to be with the Lord on July 26, 1976, but his work lives on. His influence will con- tinue to be felt for years to come through his radio minis- try, through the millions of soul-winning booklets currently in circulation, but, most important, through the tens of thousands of people he led to the Lord through his efforts.

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