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Written by: Price, Clyde    Posted on: 03/18/2003

Category: Christian Living

Source: CCN


    Ordinarily, public relations and publicity campaigns and advertising are for the purpose of pleasing people.

    While all our inreach and outreach activities are intended to be of benefit to people, our aim is not primarily to please people, but TO PLEASE GOD.

    If our message is rejected, we will not change its substance to please people.  When it is accepted, we will not glory in "our" success.     Our policy is the same that the apostle Paul stated, "We speak as men approved by God to be entrusted with the gospel.  We are not trying to please men, but God, who tests our hearts." (I Thessalonians 2:4 NIV)

    Our faith is determined not by the majority of our "constituency", but by the Holy Scriptures, the Old Covenant interpreted through the New Covenant.  Our programs and ministries are generated by our "standing orders" in the Bible, and not simply by the "felt needs" of our membership or our target audience.

    We want to fit into God's program, rather than asking Him to put His stamp of approval on ours.    We're aware that some of the things we do are affected by people and "tradition" in meeting times and formats and some of our operating procedures, but the "housekeeping details" are always much less important than our mission as the people of God on the earth.

    In a sense, we are propagandists, and our primary message is best found in the Gospel of John.     A "propagandist"  is one who is deliberately trying to persuade people to a new viewpoint.  We are part of a grassroots "God movement", and seeking to spread the influence and promote the interests of our King, the Lord Jesus Christ.  We warmly invite you to read our favorite "propaganda", in the New Testament.

    It is our ambition to bring glory to God by attempting such great things for Him that if He does not energize us with His own mighty power, we can only fail.  This way, when we succeed, we can only give the glory to Him.

    We aim to please GOD.  Come join us.                                     [Clyde Price, Arrows3]

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