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The Price of Unity

Written by: Lyons, Vernon C.    Posted on: 03/20/2003

Category: Christian Living

Source: CCN


By Vernon C. Lyons

        Twentieth century theologians have streamlined Christianity by reducing all the virtues to one--unity.  In our generation the most respectable "ism" is ecumenism.  Few people discern that there is a false unity as well as a true unity and that each is purchased at a staggering price.

        False church unity, which is the most popular kind is purchased with freedom as the price.  Gospel liberty is obliterated and liberty of conscience becomes impractical, if not impossible.  The communion of saints is forfeited for a communion of committees.  The minority speaks for the mass and the conscience of the individual Christian is by-passed for the consensus of a committee.

        This kind of church unity is also attained at the price of truth.  Those who major on mergers tend to believe very little and after merging believe still less.  They are more noted for their compromises than their convictions. Their spiritual discernment having been dulled, they move in a doctrinal dusk that calls non-churches churches and regards unbelievers as believers.  In the mania to merge, fixed truths become forgotten tenets.

        True church unity is also costly!  It is to be obtained not by compromise, but by conflict.  The faith must not be diluted, but defended (Jude 3).  It may cost a man his unscriptural creed and his man-made catechism.  This kind of unity flows from a humility which is willing to reject human tradition and subject itself to divine truth, as stated in God's Holy Word.  This unity is described by the words, "One Lord, one faith, one baptism" (Eph. 4:5).  The beginning of this unity is one Lord.  The basis of this unity is one faith. The badge of this unity is one baptism.

This true unity will cost you your prejudice, your pride, and perhaps even your popularity.

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