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40 Day Study

Written by: Sound Doctrine BBS    Posted on: 02/19/2003

Category: Bible Studies

Source: PC Pursuit through Denver

                              40 DAY STUDY

In all probability someone has shared this study guide with you immediately following your decision to die with Jesus in water baptism.  You have just come forth from the water and all your sins have been forgiven and there is now the new power of the Holy Spirit in your life.  You were willing to 'count yourself nothing' and now God has raised you up to live a new life unto Him. You have now become a 'bond-servant' of the Lord. That is, a servant who serves without thought of pay.

One of the things a disciple of Jesus learns very quickly is that there is much that he or she doesn't know or understand.  You too will learn this, but it should in no way discourage you.  It should only humble you. This study guide is designed to help you have some direction each day for the next forty days as you start listening to the voice of God as He begins to direct your whole life.

Determine right now that you are going to make this a rich and powerful study. Open wide your heart and let God do with you all He wants to.  Make sure that you have a definite time and a definite place reserved each day to be studying the Scriptures so you can keep hearing the Word of God as the Holy Spirit will teach you.  God is your only strength and if you stray from Him you will fall away.  Don't let anything or anyone keep you from this most crucial time.  Keep a notebook and be prepared to share it with an older brother and sister.

Why forty days? Because right after Jesus' water baptism where He received the Holy Spirit, He was led into the desert to be tempted by Satan for 40 days. You too will face temptations.  Now just as Jesus was victorious over those temptations you can too be if you will draw close to God. Satan will attack you. He knows you are young and vulnerable, but God is with you and with the weapons of righteousness in the right and the left hands you can defeat anything that would take your new life from you.

"When all the people were being baptized, Jesus was baptized too. And as he was praying, heaven was opened and the Holy Spirit descended on him in bodily form like a dove. And a voice came from heaven: 'You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am  well pleased.'...Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan and was led by the Spirit in the desert, where  for 40 days he was tempted by the devil."                Luke 3:21-22 & 4:1


This week you will be studying passages in the Scriptures that show us so clearly what the problem is. The problem is the 'self' that lives for itself. Christ calls us to crucify the old self and he promises to raise up a new and very different self.

1st. DAY

1.  Before you actually begin your Bible study program please take a few     minutes  and write down in your own words that your baptism into Jesus     Christ meant to you.  Why did you do it? What is it going to mean?      If you will keep this in a safe place it will mean a great deal to     you for years to come.  As the years pass on it will mean a great     deal to you for years to come.  As the years pass it will serve as a     reminder to you of the serious commitment that you made this day.

2.  Turn to Luke 9:18-26.  Read and study this passage several times.

3.  Now  turn to Luke 18:28-30 and look at the promise that is attached to     discipleship, indeed to the very decision that you have just made.

4.  These two passages will become very important as you will share your     life in Christ with others.  Remember where they are and what they     say.  As you continue to go through this study, remember that     everything you learn is something that the Holy Spirit will have you     pass on to others.

5.  Be sure to spend time in prayer at the end of your study sessions.      Learn to deeply communicate with your Father who loves you so very     much!

2nd DAY

1.  Turn to Romans 6:1-14.  Read and study this carefully.  Each time     you come to the word 'we' or 'us' substitute your own name.  [For     example: vs. 2--'By no means.  John died to sin, how can he live in     it any longer.']

2.  Write down some of the things about your old self that caused it to     receive the death sentence.

3.  Write down some things about your new self that you really want to     express.

4.  How do you specifically plan today to live out vs: 13?


1.  Before you start today's study, ask yourself a very important     question: Am I staying in close touch with older Christians? This is     crucial, and all next week the Bible study will focus on this.  If     there is anything in you that is not wanting to see or be with other     disciples,  then you can be sure that this is something that is not of     God and must be crucified.  It is your old independent self, not the     new self God is giving you.

2.  Turn  to Romans 7:14-25 and read how powerless we are to live this new     life alone.  Do you see why God's Spirit must be the one who     crucifies your sinful nature?  Do you see how wicked you are? Notice     vs: 24.

3.  But  now  go on to Romans 8 where we see how we can do the impossible.      You were told at your baptism that you would receive the gift of the     Holy Spirit; now study some of what the Spirit means in your life.      Read and study verse: 1-17, making notes on the things that strike     you the hardest.  How do you get sin crucified in your life? Read,     Romans 8:13.

4Th. DAY

1.  As you have questions about things that you are studying or things     that are happening to you, seek out some of your older brothers and     sisters and let them help you.  They have been through many things     you will go through.

2.  For this Bible study you will need both the Old Testament and a New     Testament.  If you don't have both, make arrangements to get them     right away.

3.  When we are children, we need to be taught things we don't know; and     we need correction when we are wrong.  You are a baby in Jesus     Christ.  There is much you don't know how to live and much you will     need to be corrected in.  How you take correction is going to affect     your spiritual walk with God.  Read, Proverbs 12:1-2, 12:15 & 10:17.

4.  Write down your own attitudes toward being corrected.  Distinguish     between those things that are left over from your old self and those     things that Jesus Christ is putting in your heart.  Be praying for     the Holy Spirit to give you wisdom here.

5.  Go to the New Testament now and read 2 Timothy 3:16 and answer this     question:  Why are older brothers and sisters to bring the word of     God to you?  What is going to be your attitude when they do?

5Th. DAY

1.  In  your new life you will find that 'attitude is everything'.  If you     develop a critical or negative or pessimistic attitude, you will put     out  the Spirit's fire in your life.  Today the Bible study will focus     on the reason you can keep a great attitude even in the worst of     circumstances.

2.  Read and examine each of the following passages: John 16:33, Romans     8:23, Philippians 4:12-13 & 19, and James 1:2-4.

3.  When does this fit with having a good attitude regardless of what is     happening?

4.  When these are all put together, what are they promising you about     everything in your life?

5.  List anything that is tending to cause you to have a bad [negative,     complaining, pessimistic] attitude. Confess these right     away to another disciple and ask for their prayers and encouragement.

6Th. DAY

1.  By today, you have certainly realized that you are not doing all for     Jesus Christ that you determined to do five or six days ago.  You     want to love him with all your heart, mind, soul and strength.  But     you have failed in some specific areas.  What you will study today     will be very important in dealing with this for the rest of your     life.

2.  Turn to 1 John 1:5-10.  Read it carefully.

3.  Think of the difference in light and darkness.  Think of the     difference between a bright open room with lots of windows and a     totally  dark basement area.  In one, things are out in the open.  You     can  see them as they really are.  In the other, things are hidden and     covered by the darkness.  With this in mind, what does he mean when     he calls us to 'walk in the light'?  Do you see how this fits with     verse: 9 and the call to confess our sins?

4.  We all [from the oldest to the youngest in Christ] sin.  If we claim     that  we  don't, we lie, [v. 10].  How then are we to handle all this?      Do  we cover and hide our sins?  Or do we bring them out into the open     through confession where the blood of Jesus can cleanse us?

5.  Look at the two results of walking out in the light as described in     vs: 7. How will this cause a deeper fellowship with the brothers and     sisters?

6.  Remember this trustworthy saying: Satan's only ground is darkness.      When we confess our sins and bring them out into the light, we take     away from him his power over us.

7Th. DAY

1.  As you come to the end of this first week as a committed disciple of     Jesus  Christ, go back to the most basic idea of discipleship. Turn to     Galatians 2:20.

2.  Every time your old nature tries to assert itself you can say, 'I     have been crucified with Christ'.  Concerning what things do you     especially need to say that today?  Write them down.

3.  As you determine what you should do with your day remember:     'I          , no longer live, but Christ lives in me.'  Meditate on     this great truth in scripture and then determine to let the Holy     Spirit  make it a reality.  Let Jesus Christ use you to meet His needs     and desires.

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4.  Focus on Paul's words today. 'You are not your own; you were bought     with a price', [1 Corinthians 6:19-20]  Believe that with all your     heart.  You are not your own.  You no longer go where you want to go     or do what you want to do.  You are a bond-servant, a slave unto     Jesus.


As a new baby, you need to be daily in touch with others who are ready to give you encouragement and guidance. If you have been avoiding that contact, determine now to deal with that wrong attitude that is developing.


8Th. DAY

1.  Begin today by reading Matthew 28:18-20 concentrating on v. 18 and     v. 20.  What do these two verses say to you?

2.  Jesus  Christ who has all authority taught us that the church is very,     very important.  In Matthew 16:16-18, Jesus hears Peter confess him     to be the Christ, the Son of God; and immediately Jesus said, 'Upon     this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not     prevail against it.'  Jesus saw the church as the center of his     plan.  He wanted to build it and he intended to make it so strong     that the forces of Satan could not stand against it.  What Jesus     counted as so important, we too must count as so important.

3.  For a true picture of what the church should be striving to become     every day, look at Acts 2:40-47

4.  What  can you do today and the rest of this week to contribute to this     kind of life among God's people, [the church]?

9Th. DAY

1.  Paul describes the church as the 'Body of Christ'.  Read Romans 12:1-     8 and see how giving yourself first to God leads to giving yourself     to other people in the Body of Christ.

2.  Notice particularly v. 5 which says, 'each member belongs to all the     others' or 'we are all members of one another'.  How does this fit     with or conflict with the American ideal of individualism?

3.  List three things that you know already that you can do for other     members of the Body of Christ.  Share these with another     brother or sister.

4.  List at least three things that you know you need from the Body of     Christ in order to grow in Christ.  Share these also with another     person.

10Th. DAY

1.  Read Ephesians 4:1-5.  Why does it seem to you that God is so very     concerned about the Body of Christ being in unity and peace?

2.  Turn to Romans 14:12-15:3 and read how far we should go and how much     we should bend to keep the Body of Christ together.

3.  Is there anything in your life that is so important to you that you     would not give up even if it was keeping people from coming to Jesus     Christ or growing in him?  If there is, look back at v. 21 and seek     help in dealing with this sin in your life.

11Th. Day

1.  God is greatly concerned about the unity of the church, but he is     also greatly concerned about the purity of the Body of Christ.  We     are called to a holy life and a pure life, and sin in the Body that     is being hidden or ignored will destroy the power of the church.

2.  Check out the tape, 'The Fellowship of Believers' from the SOUND     DOCTRINE CHURCH and listen over it writing down your comments.

3.  Read  Ephesians 5:1-14.  List those things which are described here as     improper for God's holy people.

4.  How  would living as 'children of the light' be totally different from     these things you have just listed?  What is the basic difference?

5.  You  are a young Christian, but what should you do if you see brothers     or sisters falling into some sin?  Read Galatians 6:1-2.

12Th. DAY

1.  What is the one thing that must be in the church and in our     relationships above all else?  Read the following passages: John     13:34-35, 1 Corinthians 13:1-3, Galatians 5:6 and 13-14, Ephesians     5:1-2, Colossians 3:14, 1 Peter 4:8

2.  For a more precise definition of love, compare John 13:34-35 with 1     John 3:16.  List all the things you can think of that describe the     way Jesus loved us.

3.  How are you progressing in your relationships with your new brothers     and  sisters in Christ?  Are they seeing your love for them?  Many new     Christians just want to be loved and to be served.  Ask the Holy     Spirit to crucify this self centered Christianity.

13Th. DAY

1.  One of the things we can all do for one another in the Body is give     encouragement.  Read a powerful statement about his in Hebrews 3:12-     14.

2.  According to this passage, what is to be the specific purpose of our     encouragement?  What do you think will be involved in giving this     kind of specific encouragement?  Ask an older brother and sister how     the Spirit might lead you to do this.

3.  Look at 2 Timothy 4:2.  Notice that we can encourage people by     bringing the Word to them.  In your relationships try to share with     someone every day something you have found in God's Truth that is     inspiring and encouraging to you.

14Th. DAY

1.  When problems develop in the Body between brothers and sisters, they     must be dealt with so that Satan is given no opportunity to enter     in.  Read Matthew 18:15-20 which gives us the right way to deal with     such situations.

2.  Determine early in your Christian life that you will not complain or     grumble behind someone's back about what they have done.  Determine     that you will always go to them and resolve the problem with God's     Spirit, vs:20.

                      WEEK THREE-'GO MAKE DISCIPLES'

This week we want to look at how God plans to use you to bring others into the freedom from sin that you have found in Christ. First, we will consider how important your own life is in sharing with others.

15Th. DAY

1.  To  be a disciple is to come under the discipline of Jesus Christ.  To     be  a disciple is to let Jesus Christ be Lord in all the areas of your     life.  Examine carefully the following items and make sure that you     are opening up and working on those that are applicable to you.  Are     you hearing the voice of the Spirit directing you on the following     areas?  Sexuality, greed, money, time management and gentleness?      Read 1 Thessalonians 4:1-12.

16Th. DAY

1.  Turn to 1 Peter 3:13-17 and especially note vs. 15 & 16.

2.  What is involved in each of these statements:     a. 'In your hearts acknowledge Christ as the Holy Lord'     b. 'Always be prepared to give an answer...'     c. 'With gentleness and respect'     d. 'Keeping a clear conscience'

3.  Who  are the people around you?  Write down their names.  They need to     hear the answer about Jesus Christ as Lord.  Stop now and pray for     them.

17Th. DAY

1.  The last words a person speaks usually tell us a lot about the major     things on the heart.  Turn to  Matthew 28:18-20 and read again the     final commission of Jesus before he left this world.

2.  What does it mean to you that 'all authority has been given to Jesus     Christ'?  What does it mean that he has given all authority over to     you?

3.  What are the implications for your life of this statement to 'Go'?      What is the Holy Spirit telling you this means for your life?

4.  When we 'go', what does Jesus want us to do?

5.  Look back over the list of people you wrote down yesterday.  Begin     praying for them specifically that you may 'go' to them with the     message of Jesus.  Ask the Holy Spirit for the words and then step     out to share what you know.

18Th. DAY

1.  Start today with Colossians 4:2-6.

2.  List all the things you find here that relate to sharing your faith     with others.

3.  What does it mean to 'Make the most of every opportunity'?

4.  How did you use the opportunities the Lord gave you this week?

19Th. DAY

1.  We tend to think that certain situations are not good ones for     sharing the Gospel.  Most of us would find being in prison and in     chains a terrible circumstance for evangelism.  Read Acts 16:22-34.

2.  What situations are you in right now?  Write down why these     situations make sharing the Gospel difficult.  Having done this, now     give all these excuses up to the Lord and claim the fact that he is     able to work powerfully in all circumstances.  Turn over to     Philippians 4:4-6 for encouragement.

20Th. DAY

1.  To 'Go make disciples' we need great boldness and courage.  In     ourselves we don't have what it takes.  The Holy Spirit will fill us     with the boldness we need.  Read Acts 4:8-13.

2.  Also  notice  the message we must proclaim.  It is found in verse: 12.      Don't water this message down.  It is the only thing that can change     men's lives.

3.  Look also at 2 Timothy 1:7.  When you find yourself being timid, you     can  be sure that it is your self.  For God has not given you a spirit     of fear.  Deny your fear and God will give you courage.

21st. DAY

1.  No real evangelism or discipling takes place until we have brought a     person  into the body of Christ.  As you share with people, make every     effort to introduce them to the members of the Body. 

2.  Look at Acts 2:42-48.  This is to be the spirit found in our     fellowship.  Then those who visit will know that God is really alive.

3.  You have now been a disciple for three weeks.  You should be having     an impact on others for Jesus Christ by now.  If this is not     happening, or if you see that it could be happening much more, get     with  an older brother or sister and share what is going on.  Let them     help and encourage you.


During this week of the study, we will look at the God we worship and the way he expresses himself in the Father, the Son, and the Spirit.

22nd DAY

1.  Turn to Mark 14:32-35.  Notice the word Jesus uses for God.  It is     the Aramaic word 'Abba'.  It was an intimate word and no Jew ever     used it before Jesus to describe God.  It was the word little boys     and girls used for their daddies.  Look at Romans 8:15-17 and     Galatians 4:6.  Do you see the kind of God we have and how we can     approach him?

2.  Read John 1:1-18.  According to these passages, what is it that we     find in Jesus Christ?  What does it mean to your personal life that     he is this way?

3.  Look closely at what he went through for you.  Take an Old Testament     and read Isaiah 53 and see the statement made about him even before     he appeared on earth.

24Th. DAY

1.  When you were baptized into Jesus Christ, you received the gift of     the Holy Spirit.  Today and tomorrow we want to look at some of the     ministries of the Holy Spirit in your life.

2.  Turn to John 16:5-15 and read carefully, looking for teaching about     the work of the Spirit.

3.  Notice  he is, the Spirit of Truth; will be with you forever; and will     live in in you.  What is this going to mean to your life?

4.  Read John 16:5-11.  The work of the Spirit involves convicting us of     sin, righteousness and judgement.  How would you relate this passage     to the ideas found in Ephesians 6:17, 2 Timothy 3:16-17 and Hebrews     4:12-13?

25Th. DAY

1.  Continuing to look at the work of the Holy Spirit, turn to Romans 8     and read verses: 1-17.

2.  Focus in on verses 9-11.  What kind of promise is made to you here?

3.  In our lives we have been enslaved to various passions and desires.      On our own we found we had no real power to break free from those.      Notice  the message vs. 12 and 13  How do we put to death the misdeeds     of the body?

4.  Notice vs: 14-17 how the Spirit of God in us brings us into an     intimate relationship with God.

26Th. DAY

1.  It is important to learn all you can about Jesus Christ because of     what the following scriptures teach: 2 Corinthians 3:18 and Romans     8:29.  What do these passages teach about our relationship to Jesus     Christ?

2.  Look also at 1 John 3:2-3.  What is the 'hope' referred to in     verse:3?

3.  List at least three things that are found in Jesus Christ that you     want to work on in your own life.

4.  How would you respond to someone who might say, 'Trying to be like     Jesus Christ is an impossible dream.  It can only frustrate you'?


27Th. DAY

1.  Look at the picture of Jesus Christ found in Hebrews 4:14-16.

2.  Write down what each of these statements means to your life:     a. Jesus is the great high priest who has gone into heaven.     b. Jesus is able to understand and relate to our weaknesses since he       was tempted in every way like us.     c. Because of Jesus, we can approach God's throne [a throne of       Grace] with confidence.

3.  How does this understanding of Jesus Christ affect you right now at     school, on the job, in the home?  Write down the way it changes your     attitude.

28Th. DAY

1.  There may be some things that will happen to you to make you wonder     if God is for you or against you.  Read Romans 8:31-39 to see the     kind of God you worship.

2.  Go back to verse 28 for still another promise.

3. Paul lists in the first passage a number of things that might seem to     cut us off from the love of God.  What are some things in your life     that are difficult or threatening?  Write out verse 37 just as Paul     says it and then write verse 38 substituting the things in your life     that might interfere with your relationship to God.

4.  What role do you play in keeping this victory?


This week you will study one of the keys to the Christian life. It is totally opposed to worldly wisdom, but it is something we see perfectly in Jesus and he wants to see it in us. It is the principle of submission.

29Th. DAY

1.  Already you have studied passages that tell you who really has all     the authority today.  It is Jesus Christ, but God has set up certain     orders in society.  These maintain order and teach us to be     submissive and obedient in spirit so we can ultimately and basically     submit to and obey Jesus Christ.

2.  To  follow Jesus Christ one must have an obedient spirit.  One must be     willing to submit to another's authority.  Read 1 Peter 1:2 and 1     Peter 1:14.  What kind of children does God want?

3.  Read Ephesians 2:1-2 to determine what kind of spirit God is opposed     to.

4.  Look at Hebrews 5:7-9 for an important statement about Jesus Christ     who is our example in all attitudes.  What did he learn?  How was it     learned?  What does God want us to learn?  How will it be learned?

30Th. DAY

1.  Return to 1 Peter where yesterday we learned that God wants obedient     children.  Now look at 2:11-17.

2.  Our  old self with its sinful desires as described in vs. 11, does not     want to obey.  It wants to do things 'my own way'.  It     doesn't like to be told what to do.  That's why Jesus says 'deny     yourself'.  It is not willing to cooperate with God's plan.

3.  Notice in vs: 13 why you submit to every authority.

4.  List  all the authorities that you can think of that are in your life,     meaning all the people that are in some role where they can tell you     what to do or strongly expect you to do what they ask.  What is your     attitude toward these authorities?

31st. DAY

1.  The question is often asked, 'Do I have to submit to these     authorities  in my life even when they are wrong?'.  What do you think     the mind of Christ would say here.

2.  Continue the passage you started yesterday.  Read 1 Peter 2:18-23.      What does it contribute to the question raised above?

3.  What  we are being told here in Ephesians 5-6 and Colossians 3 is that     we should have a submissive and obedient attitude all the time.  We     should be ready to obey those God has put over us.  However, there     will come times when we cannot obey.  See Acts 4:18-20 for a clear     example.  Study this carefully.

32nd DAY

1.  In the body of Christ, God has placed certain men over you.  First     there  are the elders or overseers in the body and then those who have     been given special authority by elders.  Look at what Hebrews 13:17     says about your responsibility to these men.

2.  Does this passage say we have to agree with everything a leader does     before we can submit to him?

3.  Make  sure your relationships with all your leaders are good ones.  If     there is an anger or resentment or hurt in you toward any one of     them,  don't put off sitting down with that leader and opening up your     heart.  If you see others in the body developing rebellious and     disobedient  attitudes go to them and encourage them to deal with that     and to get with the leader.


1.  Go to Ephesians 5:21 and start reading and go through chapter 6:4.      Regardless of who you are, you are most likely in some     kind  of family relationship.  In these relationships you can show the     love of God...the kind of love that is willing to lay down its life     for others in the family.

2.  If your spouse, parents, or children have not been seeing in you the     things described in Ephesians 5 & 6, then confess to them your sin.

3.  Remember, your ultimate concern is that your family members come to     know the living God through your life in a deeper and deeper way.

34Th. DAY

1.  Turn to and read Romans 13

2.  List as many clear teachings in this passage as you can find.

3.  Is  there anything wrong with a bitter, complaining attitude about the     government one lives under?

4.  Again,  when must a Christian say 'no' to the government?  In what way     should he say 'no'? 

35Th. DAY

1.  One of the great texts in the New Testament is Philippians 2:1-11.      Read this carefully, looking for the deeper teaching about the power     of submission.

2.  In what ways can you 'empty yourself'?  The word literally  means     'made himself to be nothing'.

3.  In what ways, being specific, can you this week take the form of a     servant to your brothers and to those who are lost?

4.  What happens to those who submit?  What does God do?


36Th. DAY

1.  You are over a month into your life as a disciple of Jesus Christ.      If  you have been serious about it, this month should have been one in     which you have faced many things about yourself that need changing.      It also should have been one filled with joy because you know that     God is for you and Jesus Christ is with you to help you become like     him.

2.  Look at Paul's words about joy in Philippians 4:4-6.  How often does     it say we should 'rejoice'?  Compare this with 1 Thessalonians 5:16-     18.  When should we rejoice?  Be thankful?

37Th. DAY

1.  The image of a soldier or a warrior is often employed in the New     Testament.  The reason is: we are at war.  The ways of God and the     ways of men are totally opposed to each other.  Our culture is     constantly bombarding us with its message of how to find life, but     God's message is totally different.  One cannot survive in warfare     unless he is equipped and knows how to do battle.  For the rest of     this week we will look at this matter.

2.  Start with Ephesians 6:10-18.  There is enough here for several days     of study, and we will take a little time.

3.  First of all in warfare, we need to clearly identify the enemy.      Verses  10 & 11 make that identification very clear to us.  Who is the     enemy?  What are some of the schemes that you can see him working out     in your life to take you out of God's love?

4.  Please realize now and always that your boss is not the enemy, your     parents aren't the enemies, your husband or wife are not the enemy.      Flesh and blood people are not the enemies, and any time we identify     them as enemies, we fall into Satan's scheme and begin shooting at     the wrong person.  List some times recently when you may have done     this or come close to doing this.

5.  Set your mind against the real forces of darkness that Satan     commands.  Pray for strength and for God's mighty power to overcome     it.

38Th. DAY

1.  Read Ephesians 6:10-18 again.

2.  Satan's power is described in real terms and you will be so     vulnerable to it if you are not aware of his power.  However, why do     we not need to be afraid?

3.  We don't have to be afraid, but we do have to put on the full armor     of God.  Without protection and the spiritual weapons he supplies we     will not overcome.  Let us look at them one at a time:

    A.  the 'belt of truth'- where do you find the truth? John 17:17     B.  the 'breastplate of righteousness' - read Philippians 3:8-9     C.  the 'gospel of peace' - read Ephesians 2:14-18     D.  the 'shield of faith' - how does it put out the fiery darts of         Satan?     E.  the 'helmet of salvation' - read Romans 8:1-2     F.  the 'sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God' - Hebrews 4:12     G.  and 'pray in the Spirit' on all occasions - how has your prayer         life developed?  What does this mean?

You now know what the armor of God looks like, but please realize that like any  good soldier, you will have to put the armor on anew every day.  You will have to be taught how the Spirit uses you with the armor on... be listening!

39Th. DAY

1.  Begin today with 2 Timothy 2:1-7.

2.  Focus in especially on vs: 3 & 4.  To be a Christian is not like     going  to a picnic.  It is enrolling in an army.  If you really belong     to  Jesus you are going to face hardships.  2 Timothy 3:12 says we are     promised what?

3.  What did Jesus promise here in, John 15:18-21?  What does Jesus say     about the Christians who are well liked by the world?  Read Luke     6:26.

                            *go to next page* 4.  Returning to 2 Timothy 2:4 we see that the warfare is going to be so     serious and so intense that the Christian soldier must not get     involved in 'civilian affairs'.  There are a lot of things to do in     the  world that are not wrong.  But they are wrong for us if they take     us away from the front lines and doing what Jesus wants us to do at     that time.  Are there some things in your life that need to be given     up because they are 'involvement in civilian affairs'?

40Th. DAY

1.  Your study guide ends today, but may your study and love for God     never end.  You are on your way to things too glorious and enriching     to even describe.  Never, never, never, never, give up!

2.  Read carefully the call of these passages:     1 Peter 2:1-12, Hebrews 5:11-6:3, Colossians 2:6-10

3. In relation to the above passages give your final thoughts.

*********************************************** *                                            * *          SOUND DOCTRINE BBS                * *          8/N/1        24HRS                * *            (303) 680-7209                  * *      {PC Pursuit through Denver}          * *                                            * *  "For the time will come when men will not  * *      put up with sound doctrine."          * *              -2 Timothy 4:3                * *                                            * *            P.O. BOX 460206                  * *        AURORA, COLORADO 80015              * *      VOICE PHONE: (303) 690-0920            * *                                            * ***********************************************

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