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A.B. Earle, American evangelist.

Written by: Unknown    Posted on: 03/12/2003

Category: Biographies

Source: CCN

Absalom Backus Earle 1812-1895 American evangelist. A.B. Earle was born in Charlton, New York. He was converted at the age of 16 and began to preach two years later. The next three years were spent in study and preaching, until, at the age of 21, he was ordained at Amsterdam, New York. After pastoring there for five years, Earle felt led of the Lord to enter the evangelistic minis- try. Fifty-eight years of his life were spent in holding meetings in the United States, every state, and Canada.         He compiled the following statistics:         Number of series of meetings: 960         Number of services: 39,330         Miles traveled: 370,000         Total amount received for 64 years of ministry: $65,520.00         Conversions to Christ: 160,000         Men entering the ministry: 400         Earle authored the following books: Bringing in the Sheaves, Abiding Peace, Rest of Faith, The Human Will, The Work of an Evangelist, Evidences of Conversion, and Winning Souls.         He died at his home in Newton, Massachusetts, on March 30, 1895, at the age of 83.

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