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Adoniram Judson Gordon, 1836- 1895, pastor

Written by: Unknown    Posted on: 03/12/2003

Category: Biographies

Source: CCN

Adoniram Judson Gordon 1836-1895 A.J. Gordon was born in New Hampshire April 13, 1836. His parents were devout Christians. At about 15 years of age, Ad- oniram became interested in the salvation of his soul. Soon after his conversion to Christ, he was baptized and received into the church. One year later, he openly confessed to the church his desire and determination to prepare for the ministry.         In 1856 he went to Brown University, and in 1860 he entered the Newton Theological Seminary. Upon graduation in 1863, he accepted a call to become pastor at Jamaica Plain, near Boston. After six very successful years there, he ac- cepted the pastorate of the Clarendon Street Baptist Church in Boston, the church where he was destined to become famous.         Boston was full of skepticism and unbelief, and Clarendon Street Church was in a very sluggish spiritual con- dition when Gordon became pastor. Dr. Gordon remained pastor of Clarendon Street Church for more than a quarter of a cen- tury by persevering in preaching the plain, unvarnished truths of the Gospel. He at last saw the church completely transformed into one of the most spiritual and aggressive churches in America. Dr. Gordon's Spirit-filled life and deeply spiritual books have had a powerful influence through- out the world, and his memory has the sweet savour of a saintly life. He was one of the most prominent leaders and speakers in Mr. Moody's great Northfield conventions, and one year Mr. Moody left the convention entirely in his charge.         In his Ministry of the Spirit, which is perhaps his greatest work, Dr. Gordon presents the work of the Holy Spirit in a threefold aspect: sealing, filling, and anointing. Dr. Gordon was also a firm believer in the premillennial coming of Christ. He preached much on these deeper spiritual themes in many conventions.         On the morning of February 2, 1895, Dr. Gordon, with "victory" as the last clearly audible word on his lips, fell asleep in Jesus.

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