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Batlhasar Hubmaier, 1480-1528, German Anabaptist

Written by: Ruckman    Posted on: 03/12/2003

Category: Biographies

Source: CCN

Balthasar Hubmaier 1480-1528 German Anabaptist. Hubmaier was born of poor parents in Augsburg, Germany. Although little is known of his early life, he became an unusual student, receiving a master's de- gree in 1511 from the University of Freiburg, and a doctor of theology degree from the University of Ingolstadt two years later, where he became professor of theology. Soon his fame as a pulpit orator grew, and he was called to Regensburg as chief pastor in the cathedral.         During these years, a great change in his religious convictions was taking place as a result of his study of the Scriptures. There is no record of the date of his conversion. However, in the year 1522, he began to openly preach that the Roman Catholic Church had departed from the doctrines and practices of the Scriptures. He made a trip to Switzerland, where he visited Erasmus and Zwingli, and, soon after, em- braced Protestant theology. In the spring of 1525, he began baptizing by immersion the converts that resulted from his preaching and traveling over central and western Europe.         He was continually in danger, and various authori- ties, religious and political, were constantly after him. In 1526, he fled to Moravia, where, as the result of his minis- try, 6,000 converts were baptized in one year. He was the au- thor of many articles and pamphlets condemning and criticiz- ing Rome. In 1528 Catholic authorities arrested him in Vienna and soon condemned him as a heretic and burned him at the stake. His faithful wife, who encouraged him to remain true to the Word of God, was drowned in the Danube River eight days later.

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