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Written by: The Gospel Tract Society    Posted on: 04/14/2003

Category: Christian Living

Source: CCN


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Coming Soon: HEAVEN OR HELL.... Staring Y O U !

U. S. A., in the 70's, seems to be a society plagued with drunkenness, dope addiction, crime, pornography, illicit sex - the likes of which would probably make Sodom and Gomorrah blush if these cities could be resurrected to witness what's going on in America today.

DAILY, we hear the news and read the papers . . . telling of murders, rapes, homosexuality, hideous crimes too awful to mention here . . .and we wonder WHY do such things happen? The Bible tells US why, "He that soweth to the flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption." Gal. 6:8. LITTLE WONDER WHY THEY HAPPEN. . . . Today we are allowing X-rated so called adult movies . . .to have free course in our cities, towns and communities. These movies show the most intimate of sex relations between man and woman . . . also, intimate, unspeakable relations between members of the same sex. And, as if all this were not bad enough, these movies show all sorts of sex crimes . . . killings. . . murders . . . stranglings . . . chokings . . . etc. ALL THIS . . . we allow our teen age sons and daughters to witness. Such raw acts of obscenity and such horrible acts of criminal brutality make lasting impressions on our young people . . . and older people, too. Satan inspired pornographic sex merchants, with utter contempt for the well being of their country and its citizens, have but one motive in mind - to make a dollar - and it matters not to them that they are inspiring no telling how many of our precious young people to go out and DO LIKEWISE (that which they see so emotionally demonstrated in the movie). ONLY IN ETERNITY ITSELF, when the final count is tabulated in hell someday, will it be completely known JUST HOW MANY PRECIOUS SOULS these damnable sex movies influenced . . . and HELPED TO DAMN.

BUT WHAT CAN I DO. . .YOU ASK??? NOTHING, if you're chicken and afraid to take a stand . . . . BUT IF YOU'RE CONCERNED about helping influence our young people . . . our young men . . . our young women . . . to have a wholesome Godly community, THEN YOU CAN DO SOMETHING. First of all, thank God that the U. S. Supreme Court has acted and passed a law that NOW PROVIDES that EACH CITY can brand any movie obscene that it so desires... and thus have that movie banned from being shown in that town or community in the future. WHAT CAN I DO YOU ASK??? PLENTY. Talk to your pastor, those in your Church, your friends, city officials . . . anyone who will listen . . . and try to arouse them to become concerned about this terrible X-rated movie racket that is helping send millions of precious souls to hell every year. Picket the theaters showing these X-rated movies . . . . MAKE YOUR STAND. Let your Church know . . . let your city . . . your community know that YOU are on God's side . . . and that you want the showing of these filthy, obscene, X-rated sex movies . . . to be STOPPED.

But perhaps you are saying . . . ONE PERSON CAN'T DO ANYTHING. THEY CAN'T?? Don't kid yourself. ONE WOMAN, Madalyn Murray O'Hair, inspired of Satan, with her dedicated, persistent efforts, succeeded in getting prayer and Bible reading out of our public school. WHO KNOWS . . . but what YOU, inspired by God, could be used of God to help rid your town . . . your city . . . your community . . . of these damnable, obscene, crime infested, X-rated movies?

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."


The preceding has been primarily written to Christians and those who are concerned about Christian decency in our towns and cities . . . but perhaps SOMEONE is reading this who is not a Christian . . . . If this be your case, let me urge YOU TODAY to repent of your sins. Jesus said, ". . . except ye repent, ye shall . . . perish," (Luke 1 3:3). "For all have sinned . . ." - you, me, EVERYBODY (Romans 3:23) . . . realize that you cannot possibly save yourself . . . next, believe what the Bible has to say in Romans 5:8-9, that Jesus Christ, God's Son, shed His precious Blood on Calvary's cross to save YOU. YES, when Jesus Christ, God's Son died for you on the cross and save His life's Blood FOR YOU, that was GOD dying for YOU (II Cor. 5:19) . . . that was GOD paying your sin debt . . . YES, salvation from an eternity of hell and a home in Heaven someday IS GOD'S FREE GIFT . . . TO YOU . . . (Romans 6:23) . . .and all you have to do to receive this FREE GIFT of salvation is REPENT . . . BELIEVE . . . AND RECEIVE JESUS CHRIST INTO YOUR HEART. WILL YOU repent . . . will YOU believe . . . will YOU receive Jesus Christ into your heart as YOUR Saviour TODAY??? If you will, we would be glad to have you write to the address below in order that we might rejoice with you and pray for you as you start out your new life as . . . A CHILD OF THE KING.


Reprint permission was granted to Computers for Christ #22 for the expressed purpose of posting this tract in electronic form. Please DO NOT modify this file nor distribute hard copies of this file.

Printed copies for distribution are available from the Gospel Tract Society for a donation.

The Gospel Tract Society is supported by our contributions. Please help them continue their work by sending them a contribution today.

The Gospel Tract Society, Inc. P.O. Box 1118 Independence, MO 64061

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