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Written by: Computers for Christ    Posted on: 04/14/2003

Category: Prophecy

Source: CCN


    So you thought the plagues were a historical thing only confined to the Old Testament? What do you think of mankind finding new diseases at a rate of 4 per month?  How about 10 per month? Sound strange? Well that is not nearly as strange as the cure rate which remains considerably behind.

    Plagues will not control the population because population is in itself one of the worst plagues of mankind. Plagues will only serve as a prophetic warning to those who are watching for the signs of the second coming or the rapture. In this sense...it is the timing of the signs that is important. As has been said in other places.    The olives are ripe. The branches of the grape vines are strong and the winds blow warm from the south along the borders of the garden.

    When the sea is calm and wind does not blow during the summer months in the northwest...an old timer will tell you that this is earthquake weather... ...well in the atmos of GODS timing... The summer winds have died and the seas are calm. For the next 4 years... you had better watch the clouds for the coming storm. For it is certainly earthquake weather.

    The plagues are small but new ones are coming every day. Watch the papers Although they sometimes seem to be the tools of the devil. Watch the signs. They are there and some of you are well aware of it. The small warnings like A.I.D.S. and Legionairres Disease and outbreaks of old diseases once thought to be under control. The legions of rats and their accompanying sickness in large population centers such as Calcutta...Mexico City and New York. The bees which come slowly north from Central America bring with them stings of death and poor honey production.

    The signs are there every day and if you see one and you think it is important to add to our growing.

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