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Ulrich Zwingli 1484-1531 Swiss Reformer

Written by: Ruckman    Posted on: 03/12/2003

Category: Biographies

Source: CCN

BIO:Ulrich Zwingli 1484-1531 Swiss reformer. Ulrich Zwingli was educated

at schools in Basel and Burn, Switzerland, and Vienna, Austria. He became a parish priest in 1506 and, on becoming pastor of the great Minster Church in Zurich, he began to preach against the unscriptural practices in the Catholic Church. He made an open break with Rome in 1522 after studying the works of Martin Luther. The break was completed in 1525 when he re- placed the Roman Mass with the first reformed communion ser- vice at his church. Zwingli differed with Luther in his views on commun- ion, in that he maintained that the Lord's Supper is a memo- rial ordinance only, and it is found in I Corinthians, chap- ters 7 through 9. He participated in armed warfare against the Catholic states around him, and died in battle, sword in hand, defend- ing the Bible over tradition.

  Ruckman '66

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