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What Transpires During The Mormon Ceremonies Pt.2

Written by: Unknown    Posted on: 05/01/2003

Category: Cults / Sects / Non Christian Religions and Topics

Source: CCN

                    WHY WORK FOR THE DEAD

Mormons  believe that everyone who lives and dies on  this  earth goes  to  a  place  called the  Spirit  Prison,  except  faithful Mormons,  who go to Paradise.  Mormon Spirit Missionaries go down from Paradise to the Spirit Prison and teach the Gospel of Joseph Smith to the lost Christians and others there.  Those who accept Mormonism  must remain in prison until a worthy  Mormon  performs certain essential rituals, called "Ordinances" for them in one of the Mormon Temples.  Then they are released from Spirit Prison to join the Mormons in Paradise.  Since these rituals or Ordinances require a physical body to be washed,  anointed,  baptised, etc., they  can  only be performed by a living person in the place  and manner  prescribed  by Diety,  acting  under  Universal  (Mormon) cosmic laws.


The  extent of the pressure upon worthy Mormons to return to  the Temple as often as possible to perform more of these proxy Temple rituals is difficult to convey.  They are continually reminded of their  responsibility  to  all of the multitude of  dead  persons waiting  in "Spirit Prison" for their "work" to  be  done.  They believe  they are personally becoming "Saviors on Mount Zion"  to each  individual  for whom they perform these rites,  and all  of those  who  accepted  Mormonism  will  be  waiting  for  them  in Paradise,  to greet them and heap thanks and praise upon them for having done this work in their behalf,  which released them  from the "Spirit Prison".


The  operation  of all Mormon Temples is totally  dependent  upon continuing  genealogical  research.  Mormons spend  millions  of hours and scores of millions of dollars annually doing exhaustive personal  genealogical  research  to  correctly  identify  their deceased  progenitors  so  that these secret  ordinances  can  be performed  for  them in one of the Temples.  Since they  do  not provide enough names to keep the Temples busy,  the church has  a massive  "name extraction" program which provides the bulk of the individuals  for whom patrons serve as  proxies.  Mormons  spent over  ten  million man hours,  at approximately two and one  half hours  per  person,  performing these rituals for the  dead  last year.  The  investment of the church in genealogical facilities, equipment,  and  manpower  is  staggering  to  the  imagination, employing  several thousand persons,  plus even more  volunteers, and hundreds of millions of dollars invested.  Christian churches kept  nearly  all of the early U.S.  and European  vital  records which are used for genealogical research.  Therefore most Temple work  is  being done to make dead Christians  Mormons.  If  your Christian ancestors were West European, or settled in the U.S. by the  early 1800's,  they probably have been or soon will be  made Mormons  in  one  of these Temples.  This  unique  doctrine  and practice  of Mormonism attracts many converts to the  church  for the sake of their unsaved, departed loved ones.

Mormons  are  continually  reminded  that  their own  personal exaltation,  which  is equivalent to a Christians  salvation,  is dependent upon their "good works".  One of these essential works is making certain that all of the Temple Ordinances are performed for each one of their dead ancestors which they are able, through all  diligent  effort,  to identify and thus qualify  to  receive them.  They  are  also responsible for doing this work  for  the world's departed masses.  A lifetime of diligent church  service and  good works is wasted if they neglect this responsibility  to provide  these names,  and perform these rituals for their  dead.  Most  mormons are not aware of the only New Testament  references to  genealogy  in  Titus 3:9 and I Timothy  1:4,  both  of  which condemn it as foolishness and ungodly.


In Anton LeVeh's Satanic Bible,  under "Infernal Names", "Mormon" is listed as "God of the ghouls", which are the living dead.  His consort  is "Hecate - Goddess of the underworld and  witchcraft"; his  followers  are  known  as MORMONS.  With  the  Mormon  pre- occupation with ancestor research and work for the dead in  their Temples,  one  has  to  question  whether  this  is  an  amazing coincidence, or one of Satan's brash signals to the wary.  Mormon Missionaries in Hong Kong must use caution because 'Mormon' means "Gates  of  Hell" in Chinese,  another amazing  coincidence,  or brash  danger  signal.    Satan,  the  supreme  egotist,  always trademarks his products; let the proselyte beware.


Mormons  claim sole custody of the "Holy Melchizedek  Priesthood" described in the book of Hebrews.  All activities of the  Mormon church  function  under  the  direction  and  authority  of  this supposed Priesthood.  Mormons claim theirs is the only authority to  act for God in the entire universe,  and aggressively dispute Roman Catholic and Masonic claims to this same  Priesthood.  The Temple  Rituals  are  called  the  "Higher  Ordinances  of  the Malchizedek  Priesthood,  as  do all the other church  auxilliary organizations.

Mormons  claim to trace their "Priesthood Authority" directly  to Jesus  much  like they trace their  ancestry  through  genealogy.  Every  Mormon  Priesthood  holder  has  his  personal  "Line  of Authority" documented, and when he performed an ordinance such as baptism,  it  is customary for him to present a printed  copy  of this  "Priesthood Lineage" to the person receiving the ordinance.  This  Priesthood is bestowed upon all male members over 18  years of  age  who  have shown their "worthiness"  by  good  works  and faithfulness to the Mormon Church.  They receive it by "Laying on of  hands" by men who have received their Priesthood in the  same way,  thus  extending  this "Line of Authority".  This  line  is always traced back through Brigham Young, Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdry,  and the Apostles Peter,  James and John,  who supposedly brought it to Joseph and Oliver directly from Jesus Christ.


Mormons  use only the authorized King James Version of the  Bible in  their Missionary work and worship services.  Joseph  Smith's "Inspired Version",  which belongs to the Reorganized LDS church, contains many substantive changes to the King James text.  It is intentionally  shielded  by  the Utah Mormon church  from  public discussion and exposure,  though it is used selectively in  their teachings.  The Mormon church prints and widely uses its own King James  Version containing special Mormon study guides,  reference sections, and the official LDS church name and insignia.  Reading in  this  official  Mormon  King  James  Missionary  Bible,  1968 edition,  in Hebrews,  concerning the resurrected Lord and  these Priesthoods,  we find that it says Jesus in NOW the sole and only holder  of  the  Melchizedek Priesthood,  and  that  the  Aaronic Priesthood has been forever abolished.  It states, "But this man (Jesus),  because  he  continueth  ever,  hath  and  unchangeable priesthood."  (Hebrews  7:24)  The footnote  for  'unchangeable' states:  "or,  which passeth not from one to another* (Author's emphasis).  The original Greek word, aparabatos, used here means "perpetually non-transferable" or "Untransferable forever."  How can  Mormons continue passing it on anyway?  By simply  ignoring their  own Bible!!  Since they believe it is only true as far as translated correctly,  and the Book of Mormon says it is full  of errors and ommission,they can easily ignore what they don't like.  Please read Hebrews chapters 7 and 8 to understand how completely defiant of God's word the Mormon Priesthoods really are.

*This  marginal  note  has been removed from the  latest  edition Missionary Bible.

                    ORDINANCES FOR THE LIVING

The  Ordinances  for living Mormons include  Washing,  Anointing, Clothing  in the Garment of the Holy Priesthood,  and the  Endow ment.  Sealings  are performed for married  couples,  and  minor children are then Sealed to parents.  Marriages are performed for time and eternity, and under special circumstances, marriages for time  only.  These  ceremonies account for less than 2%  of  all Temple Ordinances performed.

                    ORDINANCES FOR THE DEAD

The ordinances for the deceased ancestors of members or names  of deceased persons provided by the temple from genealogical records include Baptism, Confirmation of membership in the Mormon Church, and  Ordination  to the Holy Melchizedek (Mormon) Priesthood  for males.  All  the ordinances described above for the  living  must also  be  performed  for each of the dead persons  who  are  post humously  receiving  their "Temple Blessings".  Over 98% if  the Ordinances  performed are for the dead by a living Mormon  proxy. The  writer performed approximately 150 Endowments  for  deceased relatives  and many other identified persons known to the writer, as  part of over 1000 Ordinances performed in a nearly  ten  year period.


This  information  is new to most of the readers of this  booklet and may be difficult to grasp at times,  therefore,  we have pre pared  the following overview of these Temple Ceremonies  to  let you preview the activities and to concisely present the important elements to you.

Mormons  attending the Temple are called "patrons" by the  Temple staff,  and  will therefore be similarly designated hereafter  in this publication.  Quotation marks enclose direct quotes from the ceremony.


The  "Pre-Initiatory  Ordinances" or rituals are those  that  are performed  only  for  the dead in  the  Temple.  Living  Mormons receive  these Ordinances in their local Ward or Stake  organiza tions.                       BAPTISM

Baptism is the first ceremony performed in behalf of the dead  in the  Temple.  This is performed in the beautiful baptismal  font mounted  on  the  statues of 12 full sized oxen, located  in  the Temple  basement.*(See figure 2)  The Officiator and  the  patron are in the font dressed in heavy white jump-suits.  There are two or  more Witnesses observing the procedure.  Often a closed cir cuit T.V. is used to project the names of the deceased persons on a large T.V.  screen.  Typically 200-300 baptisms are  performed per hour, with LDS teenagers serving as proxies to introduce them into  the  Temple  rituals  and vicarious Ordinance  work  at  an impressionable  age.  The baptismal pronouncement is recited  in full for each baptism,  and the patron is completely immersed  by the Officiator as observed and approved by the two Witnesses.

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