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Written by: Computers for Christ    Posted on: 05/01/2003

Category: Cults / Sects / Non Christian Religions and Topics

Source: CCN


    The teaching of reincarnation is being advanced on many sides today as the philosophy and religion of the East makes its inroads in the West.  Such teachings call for a response from the Christian community, which is in every way opposed to the idea that men's souls return time and time again to go through the cycles of birth, life and death, as it is taught in the Hindu systems which underlie all such concepts.     Reincarnation is neither a proven fact of science, nor is it approved by the Bible.  It should be remembered; However, that evidence of a scientific nature put forward to "disprove" reincarnation will do little, if any, good.  Evidence of that sort can easily be re-interpreted.  What must be emphasized is that there is absolutely no scientific evidence that proves it.  On the other hand, there are many psychological and scientific evidences which show that the phenomena associated with the theory of reincarnation could as easily be produced by other means.     It is very possible, for instance, for one to "learn" a language subconsciously by being in the presence of those who speak it, even for a short time, and then have something trigger that memory at a particular time.  Again, it is possible to learn things about other places and times in a similar manner.  While these do not account for all the claimed phenomena, they do account for a great part of them.     Some knowledge is not obtainable by natural means, and since the Bible says that reincarnation does not occur, we can only conclude that the information comes through supernatural agencies, either good or bad.  The question of whether the agencies are good or bad depends on what attitude they show toward Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  Since reincarnation belittles the Atonement (Substitutionary) and sacrificial death of Jesus Christ, we can identify these agencies as evil.     The Bible certainly denies the teaching of reincarnation.  While it does not mention the term reincarnation, it does mention it in context in speaking of John the Baptist and others, but this does not mean that it AGREES with the theory.  It merely says that some people might have thought John was Elijah reincarnated; and perhaps that certain people thought the man born blind had sinned in another life, and that was the cause of his blindness.  However, it tells of many other incorrect thoughts and actions of people.  Where then does the Bible tell us that reincarnation is false?

    FIRST, it says in Hebrews 9:27 that it is appointed to everyone to die BUT ONCE, and after that the judgment (where our ETERNAL residence is decided - the New Earth or the Lake of Fire).  There is no room for one to die over and over again.

    SECOND, the Bible teaches the OPPOSITE of reincarnation - RESURRECTION!  The righteous in Christ will be raised to Eternal Life, and the lost to Eternal punishment.  RESURRECTION involves not a transmigration of the soul, in which it takes on a new body, but a raising up and glorification of the old body, reuniting soul and body for eternity.

    THIRD, reincarnation is destroyed by the very idea of salvation in and by the COMPLETED work of Jesus Christ.  We cannot save ourselves, no matter what the number of lives we go through.  We are imperfect, and God is perfect.  That which is imperfect cannot possibly bring forth perfection (for then the effect would be greater than the cause!), and God can ONLY accept perfection.  It is for this reason that God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die for each of us who receive His payment for our sins.  Jesus bore on Himself our iniquities and paid the penalty for our sins.  By doing so; Jesus IMPUTED His righteousness on us.

    Reincarnation is FINALLY a "works-Righteousness," and Paul reminds us in Titus 3:5 that we are saved NOT by works of righteousness that we have done, but by the washing of regeneration and renewal by the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ.  If we are due to be reincarnated over and over again, then the death of Jesus Christ has no meaning for us, and is of no effect, for we must still work our way to salvation, making ourselves better, instead of allowing Jesus Christ to make us acceptable to God.     Aside from Biblical arguments against reincarnation, there are various philosophical and scientific arguments.  We suggest that you look up the article on reincarnation in THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PHILOSOPHY, edited by Paul Edwards (all college libraries USUALLY have it), and see some of the arguments espoused there.  In addition, the ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA has an excellent dissertation on the matter under the subject "Metempsychosis."  Additional material is listed under the subject "Reincarnation" and "Metempsychosis" in THE NEW SCHAFF-HERZOG ENCYCLOPEDIA OF RELIGIOUS KNOWLEDGE.  It must be remembered, though, that people will not always accept evidence which is objectively adequate.  They may not be willing to look at the evidence OBJECTIVELY.  The best approach is to proceed on positive direction, showing the reliability of the Bible, and that the Bible presents Jesus Christ as having proved Himself to be God, the Messiah, by His resurrection (A proven and reliable historical event), then showing that Jesus Christ accorded the Bible of infallibility, and then showing that the Bible proves reincarnation is wrong.

Computers for Christ - San Jose

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