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Dallas Franklyn Billington, 1903-1972

Written by: Unknown    Posted on: 03/13/2003

Category: Biographies

Source: CCN

Dallas Franklyn Billington 1903-1972 Dallas Billington was born in a log house in west Kentucky. Although his parents were devout Christians and his formative years were spent in a Christian environment, he did not re- spond personally to the Gospel until the age of 21, in a tent meeting in Paducah, Kentucky, to which he had been invited by his fiancee, Nell Stokes.         In 1927, having moved to Akron, Ohio, to gain employ- ment, he answered God's call to preach during a serious ill- ness of his infant son, Charles. In June, 1934, he was in- vited to preach for a small group of people who were meeting in Rimer School. There, with a congregation of 13 and an of- fering of $1.18, the Akron Baptist Temple was born. Under his ministry during the next 38 years, the church grew to 16,000 members, with physical assets of several million. The outreach of radio, television, and missionaries contributed to its worldwide ministry, in addition to aiding the estab- lishment of hundreds of independent Baptist churches across America.         Dr. Billington's ministry was unique in that his mes- sages were plain, simple, and to the point. A master in the use of illustrations and always preaching with the invitation in view, he was used of God to win thousands of men to Christ. His compassion for people, his integrity and spotless example as a man of God will long be remembered.         Having suffered heart trouble since 1941, he died Au- gust 26, 1972, at the age of 69. His only son, Charles, hav- ing served with his father for 24 years, succeeded him as pastor of the Akron Baptist Temple.

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