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Difei Chuang, Christian Life and Service

Written by: Unknown    Posted on: 03/13/2003

Category: Biographies

Source: CCN

TES:BIOGRAPHICAL FACTS Concerning Christian Life and Service of Difei Chuang

   Date: July 25, 1990

   I was born in Taiwan and grew up in a traditional Chinese family. My family moved to the United States in 1973 so that my two younger brothers and myself would have more freedom and more opportunity for success in the future.

   In 1977, our family moved to Winchester, Virginia to run a small motel. We were visited by an American family who invited us to his church. Our parents decided we kids should attend church because religion was good for teaching us values and morals. But my parents warned us not to get baptized if the church people ever asked. They explained that by committing myself in baptism, I would have no control of my finances, my time, or my life.

   One day in 1982, a young truck driver stayed at our motel. He brought a Bible with him to share with us the Gospel. Even though we told him that we attended Sunday School, he still asked us to pray to receive Christ as our personal Savior. My father, my brother, and I bowed our heads to pray with him. I think they did this just to humor the guy, but I did sincerely pray with him and wanted a new life.

   My life didn't change. After high school, I continued my education at Virginia Tech. I had a confident knowledge of Christianity and wanted to give it a rest so I could enjoy my college years on my own terms. But during the second week there, I went to a dinner held by the Chinese Bible Study Group. I met some nice people and continued to visit with them on Friday nights.

   As I studied God's Word, I was reassured of my faith in Jesus Christ, and I confirmed my decision and by being baptized on the Saturday before Easter in 1985. Baptism was important to publicly announce my faith. But afterwards, I did not feel any real difference. I remained in fellowship at church and Bible studies, but my Christian maturity was slow in growth. I got involved with a non-Christian girlfriend, and my faith failed to take root.

   After graduating from Virginia Tech with a degree in Electrical Engineering, I needed a job to earn some money before returning to graduate school, as my parents desired. I took a job in Southern Maryland with a small government contractor. The company was small and the people were nice. But my Christian faith was weakened from my unequally yoked relationship.

   Then I met a unique Christian on a computer bulletin board. He invited me to visit a group called Christian Business Men's Committee (CBMC). Through the discipleship program called Operation Timothy, he helped me to establish a firm foundation in Christ and God's Word. My relationship with my girlfriend ended, and my relationship with Christ developed.

   Ministry Opportunities

   Over the past two years, I've been actively involved in the ministry of CBMC. It has been a great blessing to be involved with men who know the importance of the Gospel. I've had the privilege of interacting with Godly men through the CBMC network and I've grown through their training programs. One of the greatest blessings was to see one of my officemates come to Christ. He was receptive to the Gospel presentation at a CBMC outreach dinner, and I had the privilege to disciple him through Operation Timothy. He is now active in CBMC also, and walking with the Lord.

   I'm also keeping in touch with some Chinese Christians through my college Bible study and the Ambassadors For Christ ministry. I served as the chairman for their Summer Conference. The goal of this conference was to encourage Chinese students and young professionals to persevere in their faith. I learned many valuable lessons during the conference as many things didn't happen as I had envisioned. I gained insight in working with people of a different culture than myself, in planning such an event, and in learning to trust God instead of my own abilities.

   Within the past three months, I've had the opportunity to share my testimony with a number of people on a one-on-one basis. There has been no decisions that I know of thus far, but I continue to pray for them and share my life with them.

   Call into Ministry

   As I began to understand myself and to know who God had created me to be, I realized my unique background can be greatly used for His purpose. In seeking His will for my life, I offered my willingness and availability to God. I trust that He will guide me and empower me. I noticed that I have an interest in psychology and theology, and that I am not a firm task-oriented personality which typifies an engineer. I also recognize that my circumstances are openly available for a period of training: I have no debts and I have no family obligations.

   Through prayer and counsel, I realized that God has prepared a unique person in me for His purpose. I know that I can profit from intensive training to be used in greater ways. I know that there is a great need in the Chinese church for someone of my bicultural background, but I have not had this ministry confirmed upon my heart at this time.

   Why Dallas Seminary?

   I've been blessed to meet a number of men that graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS), and I have great respect for the quality of training and integrity of DTS. I know that the training is rigorous and it will train me well for further Christian service. I have viewed the video tape from DTS entitled "Integrity of Heart, Skill of Hand". The video tape confirmed that the campus facilities and education available from DTS is of superior quality and blessed of God.

   I have reflected on the phrase from a hymn, "Give of Your Best to the Master, " as I sought God's leading toward seminary. I am certain that Dallas Seminary can provide the training, education, and atmosphere most conducive to equip me for God's ministry.

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