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Written by: Unknown    Posted on: 05/05/2003

Category: Bible Studies

Source: CCN

                          THE DAY GOD CHANGED HIS MIND

  Ever since God had destroyed the world with a flood He had been preparing some special people for Himself. These were not to be like other people, but He was going to teach them how to live and even show them His power through miracles!   After many years of testing them and building up their endurance, God called His people to meet Him in the desert. God gave them Moses, a leader who wanted the best for them. At first the people loved it. God parted the waters for them so that they could walk across the Red Sea. He destroyed the army of the Egyptians  -it seemed like nothing could stop the people as long as God was with them. God even provided water and sent food from Heaven for the people.   One day God called Moses up into a mountain to teach him. Moses was to go back down and tell the people God's laws so that they would know how to live. This was the beginning of a new nation, the nation of Israel. Now the rest of the world could watch Israel and see how God wanted men to live. Moses was very excited that God was going to teach him how to lead the people. As he climbed the mountain he thought about the big mistake he had made in choosing men to help him lead the people. Ever since he had done this it seemed like the people didn't respect Moses anymore. Now that there were more helpers it seemed like there were more arguments among the people. Moses thought about how glad everyone would be when he came back to teach them God's laws.   When God was finished teaching Moses, He gave him two pieces of stone with His laws written on them. Then God suddenly said, "Leave Me alone! Your people at the bottom of the mountain have made a statue and are saying that it is their God! I will destroy them and make another nation with you, Moses!"   Moses really loved the people. He didn't want God to destroy them. He knew that it wouldn't help to argue with the Lord, so he carefully begged God to change His mind. Moses was sincere and didn't want God to make another nation. This showed that Moses wanted nothing for himself but that God would hear his request. God did change His mind and the people were punished but not destroyed.

Taken from Exodus 32

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