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Written by: Unknown    Posted on: 05/06/2003

Category: Bible Studies

Source: CCN

                            MYSTERY ON THE ROAD

    The sun and the moon seemed to be playing seesaw, but it wasn't long before the moon won out and cast its shadow on a large group of horsemen coming down a mountain pass. The leader of the group suddenly held up one hand. This seemed to be a signal of some kind, and in an instant the group split into two battle formations. They unsheathed their swords and surrounded a group of travelers on the road.     The leader demanded to know everything about the little group. All he could get out of them was that they had a flock of sheep with them as a present for him from his brother, who was behind them on the road. This sounded very strange to the leader. He couldn't understand why any one would simply give their flocks away. You see, the leader of the horsemen was on his way to find his brother, whom he had heard was coming this way. He was filled with bitterness because of the things his brother had done to him long ago. He was also very suspicious of the unusual gift he had found in the road because he knew his brother to be very sneaky and untrustworthy. All night long he rode driving his men on in his fierce anger. Every so often he would meet another flock or herd which had been sent as a present to him. By the time morning    began to dawn, he was exausted. He began to think about how his brother must be afraid of him, and he allowed himself the luxury of looking at some of their past arguments through his brother's eyes.     By the time he got to the last group of animals he was laughing to himself at how ridiculous his army looked. It looked more like a farm or a zoo than a patrol of bloodthirsty men. Sort of like a traveling Noah's ark. You have probably guessed that when he saw his brother at last in the distance they laughed together  -all the bitterness was gone at last!

Taken from Genesis 32,33

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