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Names in the New Testament

Written by: Campbell, Alexander    Posted on: 05/06/2003

Category: Bible Studies

Source: CCN

Containing the proper names which are found in the New Testament, etymoloically explained, and accented for pronunciation, according to the most approved standards. [From THE LIVING ORACLES by Alexander Campbell.]

Aa'ron [a lofty teacher] A-bad'don [the destroyer] Ab'ba [father] A'bel [vanity, breath, vapor] A-bi'a [the Lord is my father] A-bi'a-thar [excellent father] Ab-i-le'ne [the father of mourning] A-bi'ud [father of praise] A'bra-ham [the father of a great multitude] A'bram [a high father] A-cel'da-ma [the field of blood] A-cha'i-a [grief, or trouble] A-cha'i-cus [a native of Achaia] A'chaz [one that possesses] A'chim [preparing for revenge] Ad'am [earthy, red] Ad'di [my witness, adorned, prey] Ad'mah [red earth, or of blood] Ad-ra-myt'ti-ium [the court of death] Ad'ri-a [name of a city] Ag'a-bus [a locust, feast of the father] A'gar [stranger, gathered together] A-grip'pa [one who caused great pain at his birth] Al-ex-an'der [one who asists men] Al-ex-an'dri-ans [citizens of Alexandria] Al-ex-an'dri-a [in honor of Alexander] Al'pha [first letter of the Greek alphabet] Al-phe'us [a thousand, learned, chief] A-min'a-dab [my people are liberal] A'man [faithful, true] A'men [so let it be] A'mos [loading, weighty] Am-phip'o-lis [a city of Macedonia] Am'pli-as [large] A-nath'e-ma [a solemn curse] An-a-ni'as [the cloud of the Lord] An'drew [a stout and strong man] An-dron'i-cus [a man excelling others] An'na [gracious, or one who gives] An'nas [one who answers, humble] An'ti-och [speedy, as a chariot] An'ti-pas [for all, or against all] An-tip'a-tris [for or against the father] A-pel'les [excluder] A-pol-lo'ni-a [perdition, destruction] A-pol'los [who destroys, or wastes] A-pol'ly-on [one who destroys] Ap'phi-a [that produces] Ap'pi-i Fo'rum [city founded by Appius Claudius] A'qui-la [an eagle] A-ra'bi-a [evening, wild, and desert] A'ram [highness] Ar-che-la'us [the prince of the people] Ar-chip'pus [governor of horses] A-re-op'a-gus, the Hill of Mars, Athensian council A-re-op'a-gite, member of said council Ar-e'tas [one who is agreeable] A-ri-ma-the'a [a lion, dead to the Lord] A-ris-tar'chus [a good prince] A-ris-tob'u-lous [a good counselor] Ar-ma-ged'don [mountain of the gospel, of Megiddo] Ar-ohax'ad [a healer of desolation] Ar'te-mas [whole, sound] A'sa [a physician, or cure] A'ser [happiness] A'si-a [muddy, boggy] As'sos [approaching] A-syn'cri-tus [incomparable] A'thens [a city of Greece] A-th'ni-ans [citizens of Athens] At-ta-li'a [that increases or sends] Au-gus'tus [increased, augmented] A'zor [he that assists] A-zo'tus [like Ashod, pillage] Bab'y-lon [confusion] Ba'laam [the old age, or ancient of the people, or their destruction] Ba'lak [who lays waste and destroys] Ba-rab'bas [son of shame, confusion] Bar-a-chi'as [who blesses God] Ba'ruk [thunder, or in vain] Bar-je'sus [son of Jesus or Joshua] Bar-jo'na [son of Jona, or of a dove] Bar'na-bas [the son of exhortation] Bar'sa-bas [son of rest] Bar-thol'o-mew [the son that suspends the waters] Bar-te-me'us [son of the honorable] Be-el'ze-bub [god of the fly] Be'li-al [wicked, of no account] Ben'ja-min [son of the right hand] Be-re'a [heavy, weighty] Ber-ni'ce [one that brings victory] Beth-ab'a-ra [the house of passage] Beth'a-ny [the house of song, or of affliction] Beth'el [the house of God] Beth-es'da [house of pity, or mercy] Beth'le-hem [the house of bread] Beth'pha-ge [the house of the mouth] Beth'sa'i-da [the house of fruits, or of food, or of snares] Bi-thyn'i-a [violent precipitation] Blas'tus [that buds and brings forth] Bo-a-ner'ges [sons of Thunder] Bo'oz [in strength] Cai'a-phas [he that seeks with diligence, one that vomits] Cain [possession, or possessed] Ca-i'nan [possessor, purchaser] Cal'va-ry [the place of a skull] Ca'na [zeal, jealousy, or possession] Ca'naan [merchant, trader, or that humbles and subdues] Ca'naan-ite [a citizen of Canaan] Can'da-ce [who possesses contrition] Ca-per'na-um [the field of repentance, or city of comfort] Cap-pa-do'ci-a [a sphere, a hand] Car'pus [fruit, fruitful] Cas'tor [a sea dog, or beaver] Ce'dron [black, or sad] Cen'chre-a [millet, small pulse] Ce'phas [a rock, or stone] Ce'sar [I cut; because he was cut out of his mother's womb] Ce-sa-re-a [in honor of Cesar] Chal-ced'o-ny [a precious stone, variegated with colors in form of clouds] Chal'de-ans [citizens of Chaldea] Cha'naan [possessor or purchaser] Char'ran [a singing or calling out] Chi'os [open or opening] Chlo'e [green herb] Cho-ra'zin [the secret, or her is a mystery] Christ [the anointed] Chrys'o-lite [a precious stone of a gold color, and very transparent] Chrys'tal [exceedingly bright, clear, and transparent stone, of watery color] Chu'sa [the seer or prophet] Ci-li'ci-a [which rolls or overturns] Cis [hard] Clau'da [a lamentable voice] Clau'di-a [lame] Clem'ent [mild, good, merciful] Cle'o-pas [the whole glory] Cni'dus [dedicated to Venus] Co-los'se [punishment, correction] Co-los'si-ans [citizens of Colosse] Co'os [silk garments] Co're [bald] Cor'inth [which is satisfied, ornament, beauty] Co-rin'thi-ans [citizens of Corinth] Co-rin'thus [ornament] Cor-ne'li-us [of a horn] Cos [silk garments] Co'sam [adorned] Cres'cens [growing, increasing] Crete [carnal, fleshly] Cre'tans [citizens of Crete] Crispus [curled] Cy'prus [fair, fairness] Cy-re'ne [a wall, coldness, a floor] Cy-re'ni-an [a citizen of Cyrene] Cy-re'ni-us [who governs] Dal-ma'ti-a [deceitful lamps] Dal-ma-nu'tha [bucket, branch] Dam'a-ris [little woman] Da-mas'cus [similitude of burning] Dam'a-scenes [of Damascus] Dan'i-el [judgment of God] Da'vid [well beloved, dear] De-cap'o-lis [ten cities] De'mas [popular] De-met'ri-us [belonging to corn] Der'be [a sting] Di-a'na [luminous, perfect] Did'y-mus [a twin, double] Di-o-nys'i-us [divinely touched] Di-ot're-phes [nourished by Jupiter] Dor'cas [the female of a roebuck] Dru-sil'la [watered by the dew] E'gypt [that troubles or oppresses] E-gyp'tian [a citizen of Egypt] E'lam [a young man] E'lam-ites [inhabitants of Elam] E-le-a'zar [help of God, court of God] E-li-a'kim [resurrection of God] E-li'as [God the Lord] E'li E'li La'ma Sa-bac'than-i [my God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me] E-li-e'zer [the help of the Lord] E-lis'a-beth [the oath of God] E-li'se-us [salvation of God] E-li'ud [God is my praise] El-mo'dam [the god of measure] E'lo-i E'lo-i La'ma Sa-bac'than-i [my God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me] El'y-mas [a magician] E-man'u-el [God with us] Em'ma-us [people despised, or obscure] E-ne'as [laudable] E'noch [dedicated, disciplined] E'non [cloud, mass of darkness] E'nos [fallen man] E-paph'ras [agreeable] E-paph-ro-di'tus [agreeable, handsome] E-pen'e-tus [worthy of praise] E-phe'si-ans [citizens of Ephesus] E'phra-im [fruitful] Eph'e-sus [desire] Eph'pha-tha [be opened] Ep-i-cu-re'ans [who give assistance] E-pi'rus [neighboring to] Er [watch, or enemy] E-ras'tus [lovely] E-sai'as [the salvation of the Lord] E'sar-had'don [that binds joy, or that closes the point] E'sau [he that acts, or finishes] Es'li [near me] Es'rom [dart of joy, division of the song] E-thi-o'pi-a [blackness, heat] Eu'bu-lus [prudent, good counselor] Eu-ni'ce [good victory] Eu-o'di-as [sweet scent] Eu-roc'ly-don [a levanter, raising great waves] Eu'ty-chus [happy, fortunate] Eve [living, enlivening] Ez-e-ki'as [strong in the Lord] Fair Ha'vens Fe'lix [happy, prosperous] Fes'tus [festival, joyful] For-tu-na'tus [lucky, fortunate] Gab'ba-tha [high, elevated] Ga'bri-el [God is my strength] Gad [a troop] Gad-a-re'nes [citizens of Gadara] Ga'i-us [Lord, or unearthy man] Ga-la'ti-a [white, the color of milk] Ga-la'ti-ans [citizens of Galatia] Gal'i-lee [wheel, revolution, heap] Gal'i-le-ans [citizens of Galilee] Gal'li-o [who sucks, or lives on milk] Ga-ma'li-el [recompense of God] Ga'za [strong, or a goat] Gen-nes'a-ret [garden of the prince] Ger-ga-se'nes [those who come from pilgrimage, or fight] Geth-sem'a-ne [a very fat vale] Gid'e-on [he that bruises and breaks, or cutting off iniquity] Gog [roof] Gol'go-tha [a heap of skulls] Go-mor'rah [rebellious people] Greece [the country of Graecus] Gre'ci-ans [citizens of Greece] Ha'gar [a stranger, or that fears] He'ber [one that pleases] He'brews [the descendants of Heber] He'li [ascending, climbing up] Her'mes [Mercury, gain, refuge] Her-mog'e-nes [begotten of Mercury, or generation of lucre] Her'od [the glory of the skin] He-ro'di-ans [followers of Herod] He-ro'di-as [the wife of Herod] Hi-e-rap'o-lis [holy city] Hy-men'e-as [nuptial, or the god of marriage] I-co'ni-um [I come, the name of a city] I-du-me'a [red, earthy, bloody] Il-lyr'i-cum [joy, founded by Illyrius] Im-man'u-el [God with us] I-o'ni-an [effeminate] I'saac [laughter] Is-car'i-ot [a man of murder] Is'ra-el [who prevails with God] Is'ra-el-ites [descendants of Israel] Is'sa-char [reward, or recompense] I-tal'i-an band [a Roman legion] It'a-ly [the country of Italus] Ja'cob [he that supplants, or undermines] Ja'i-rus [my light, who diffuses light] Jam'bres [the sea, with poverty] James [he that supplants, or undermines] Jan'na [who speaks] Jan'nes [who speaks] Ja'red [he that descends] Ja'son [he that cures, or that gives medicines] Jas'per [deep green] Jech-o-ni'as [preparation of the Lord] Jeph'tha [he that opens] Jer-e-mi'as [exaltation of the Lord] Jer'i-cho [his moon, or month] Je-ru'sa-lem [vision of peace] Jes'se [to be, or who is] Je'sus [saviour] Jew [derived from Judah] Jew'ry [the country of the Jews] Jez'e-bel [island of the habitation] Jo-an'na [the favor of the Lord] Job [he that weeps] Jo'el [he that wills or commands] John [the favor of the Lord] Jo'na [a dove, or one who opposes] Jo'nan [liberal] Jo'nas [a dove] Jop'pa [beauty, or comeliness] Jo'ram [to cast] Jor'dan [the river of judgment] Jo'rim [he that exalts the Lord] Jos'a-phat [God judges] Jo'se [raised, one who exists] Jo'seph [increased] Jo'ses [raised, one who exists] Jo-si'as [the Lord burns] Ju'da, Ju'das, Jude [the praise of the Lord] Ju-de'a [the land of Judah] Ju'li-a [downy, soft, and tender] Ju'li-us [downy, soft, and tender] Ju'ni-a [youth] Ju'pi-ter [the father that helpeth] Jus'tus [just, upright] La'mech [poor] La-od-i-ce'a [just people] La-od-i-ce'ans [citizens of Laodicea] La-se'a [built upon a rock, a rocky country] Laz'a-rus [assistance of God] Lab-be'us [a man of spirit] Le'vi [who is held and associated] Le'vites [descendants of Levi] Li'nus [nets] Lo'is [better] Lord [proprietor] Lot [wrapped up, hidden, covered] Lu'cas, Lu'ci-us, Luke [luminous] Lyb'i-a [cloudy, rainy] Lyd'da, Lyd'di-a [a magnet] Ly-sa'ni-us [that drives away sorrow] Lys'i-a, Lys'i-as [dissolving] Lys'tra [that dissolves or disappears] Ma-ce-do'ni-a [adoration] Ma'di-an [of Media, signifying measure] Mag'da-la [magnificent, elevated] Mag'da-le'ne [elevated, magnificent] Ma'gog [roof, or that covers] Mal'e-le-el [he that praises God] Mam'mon [riches] Man-a'en [a comforter] Ma-nas'ses [forgetfulness, one forgotten] Mar-a-nath'a [our Lord shall come] Mar'cus, Mark [polite, shining] Mar'tha [who becomes bitter] Ma'ry [exalted] Mat'ta-tha [gift] Mat-ta-thi'as [the gift of the Lord] Mat'than [the reins, the death of them] Mat'that [gift, he that gives] Matth'ew [given] Mat-thi'as [the gift of the Lord] Me'di-a [measure, habit, covering] Me'di-an [of Media, signifying measure] Mel-chis'e-dec [king of righteousness] Me-le'a [abounding in honey] Mel'i-ta, Mel'i-tus [affording honey] Me'nan [ardent, witty] Mer-cu'ri-us [to buy or sell] Mes-o-po-ta'mi-a [between two rivers] Mes-si'as [anointed] Me-thu'sa-el [who demands his death] Mi'cha-el [who is like to God] Mid'i-an [judgment, habit, covering] Mi-le'tum [red, scarlet] Mi-le'tus [scarlet] Mit-y-le'ne [purity] Mna'son [a diligent seeker] Mo'loch [king] Mo'ses [taken out of the water] My'ra [I flow] My'si-a [criminal] Na'a-man [beautiful] Na'a-son [that foretells] Nag'ge [brightness] Nar-cis'sus [astonishment] Na'in [beauty, pleasantness] Na'than [who gives] Na-than'a-el [the gift of God] Na'am [agreeable] Naz'a-reth [guarded, flourishing] Naz'a-renes [kept, flower] Naz'a-rite [separated, sanctified] Ne-ap'o-lis [new city] Nepth'tha-lim [comparison, he that fights] Ne'ra [lamp, brightness] Ne're-us [lamp] Ne'ri [my light] Ne'ro [nervous, strong] Ni-ca'nor [conqueror] Nich'o-las [victory of the people] Ni-co-de'mus [innocent blood] Nic-o-la'i-tans [victory of the people] Ni-cop'o-lus [victorious city] Nin'e-veh [handsome, agreeable] Nin'e-vites [citizens of Nineveh] Nim'phas [spouse, bridegroom] Ni'ger [black] No'e [repose] Nym'phas [spouse, or bridegroom] O'bed [a servant] Ol'i-vet [of olives, abounding in olives] O-lym'pas [heavenly] O-me'ga [the last letter of the Greek alphabet] O-nes'i-mus [profitable] O-ne-siph'o-rus [who brings profit] O'nyx [nail, color of a finger nail] O'see [saviour] O-zi'as [strength from the Lord] Pam-phyl'i-a [a nation of every tribe] Pa'phos [which boils, or which is very hot] Per'me-nas [that abides and is permanent] Par'thi-a, Par'thi-ans [horsemen] Pat'a-ra [trod under foot] Pat'mos [mortal] Pat'ro-bus [paternal] Paul [a worker] Pen'te-cost [the fiftieth, the feast of weeks] Per'ga [very earthly] Per'ga-mos [height, elevation] Per'sis [that cuts, or divides, nail, griffin, or horseman] Pe'ter [a rock, or stone] Phan-i'el [face or vision of God] Pha'lec [division] Pha'ra-oh [that disperses] Pha'res [division] Phar'i-sees [separatists] Phe'be [shining] Phe-ni'ci-a [land of palm trees, purple] Phe'ni-ce [red, purple] Phi-la-del'phi-a [a love of a brother] Phi-le'mon [that kisses] Phi-le'tus [amiable] Phil'ip [warlike, a lover of horses] Phil-ip'pi [warlike, a lover of horses] Phil-ip'pi-ans [citizens of Philippi] Phi-lo-lo'gus [a lover of learning] Phle'gon [zealous] Phyrg'i-a [dry, barren] Phy-gel'lus [fugitive] Phy-lac'te-ries [things to be observed, rolls of parchment] Pi'late [who is armed with a dart] Pi-sid'i-a [pitch] Pol'lux [one of the twins, brother to Castor] Pon'ti-us [marine] Pon'tus [the sea] Por'ci-us [a lover of pork] Pre-to'ri-um [the judgment hall] Pris'ca [ancient] Prs'cil-la [ancient] Pro-cho'rus [he that presides over the choirs] Ptol-e-ma'is [warlike] Pub'li-us [common] Pu'dens [shamefaced] Pu-te'o-li [abounding in wells] Quar'tus [the fourth] Qua-ter'ni-ans [four by four, four soldiers] Ra'ca [shallow brains] Ra'chel [a sheep] Ra'hab [proud] Ra'ga [a friend] Ra'ma [elevated, sublime] Re-bec'ca [fat] Rem'phan [the name of an idol, which some think to be Saturn] Reu'ben [who sees the sun] Rhe'gi-um [rupture, fracture] Rhe'sa [will, or course] Rho'da [a rose] Rhodes [a rose] Ro-bo'am [name of a king] Ro'man [strong, powerful] Rome [strength, power] Ru'by [deep red] Ru'fus [red] Ruth [filled] Sa'doc [just] Sa-bac'tha-ni [thou hast forsaken me] Sa-ba'oth [hosts] Sad'du-cees [followers of Sadoc] Sa'la [mission] Sal'a-mis [shaken] Sa-la'thi-el [I have asked of God] Sa'lem [peace, perfect] Sa'lim [a fox] Sal'mon [peaceable] Sal'mo-ne [peaceable] Sa'lo-ne [peacable] Sa-ma'ri-a [his lees, his prison, his throne, his diamond] Sa-mar'i-tans [citizens of Samaria] Sa'mos [full of gravel] Sam-o-thra'cia [peopled by Samiams] Sam'son [the sun] Sam'u-el [heard of God, or asked of God] Sap-phi'ra [that relates or tells] Sap'phire [sky blue] Sa'ra [lady] Sar'dine [footstep] Sar'di-us [red colored] Sar'dis [prince of joy] Sar'do-nix [color of a man's nail] Sa-rep'ta [a goldsmith's shop] Sa'ron [his field, his song] Sa'rach [branch, layer, twining] Saul [demanded] Sce'va [disposed] Scyth'i-an [a tanner] Scy-thop'o-lis [a city founded by Scythian] Se-cun'dus [the second] Se-lu'ci-a [shaken by the waves] Sem [name, renown] Sem'e-i [hearing] Ser'gi-us [a roman name] Seth [put, or who puts] She'chem [portion] Shem [name, renown] Si'don [hunting, fishing, venison] Si'las [three] Si-lo'am [sent] Sim'e-on [that hears] Si'mon [that hears] Sin'a-i [a bush, enmity] Si'on [noise, tumult] Smyr'na [myrrh] Sod'om [their secret, their cement] Sol'o-mon [peaceable] Sop'a-ter [who defends the father] Sos-ip'a-ter [who defends the father] Sos'the-nes [saviour] Spain [rare, precious] Sta'chys [spike] Steph'a-nas [a crown] Ste'phen [a crown] Su-san'na [a lily] Sy'char [a city] Sy'chem [a place of figs] Syr'a-cuse [that draws violently] Syr'i-a [sublime, deceiving] Syr'i-ans [citizens of Syria] Sy-ro-phe-ni'ci-a [drawn to, red, purple] Syr'tis [drawn, a quicksand] Syn'ty-che [that speaks or discourses] Ta-bi'th-a [clear sighted] Tal'ith a Cu'mi [maid arise] Tar'sus [winged, feathered] Te'man [the south] Ter'ti-us [the third] Ter-tul'lus [a liar] Thad'de-us [that praises and confesses] Tha'mar [a palm tree] Tha'ra [confident, bold] The-oph'i-lus [a friend, or a lover of God] Thes-sa-lon-i'ca [victory against the Thessalonians] Theu'das [a false teacher] Thom'as [a twin] Thy-a-ti'ra [perfume, sacrifice of labor] Ti-be'ri-as [good vision] Ti-be'ri-us [son of Tiber] Tim'e-ous [honorable] Ti-mo'the-us [honor of God] Ti'mon [honorable] Ti'tus [honorable] Tra-cho-ni'tis [rock] Tro'as [penetrated] Tro-gyl'li-um [a city in the isle of Samos] Troph'i-mus [well educated] Try-phe'na [delicious] Try-pho'sa [thrice shining] Tych'i-cus [casual, by chance] Ty-ran'nus [a prince, one who reigns] Tyre [strength, rock, sharp] Ur'ba-ne [a citizen] U-ri'as [the Lord is my light, or fire] Zab'u-lon [habitation, dwelling] Zac'che-us [pure, clean, just] Zach-a-ri'ah [memory of the Lord] Za'ra [east, brightness] Zeb'e-dee [abundant portion] Ze-lo'tes [jealous, full of zeal] Ze'nas [living] Zo-ro-ba'bel [a stranger at Babylon, dispersion of confusion]

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