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Ernest Ira Reveal, 1880-1959, Rescue Mission

Written by: Unknown    Posted on: 03/13/2003

Category: Biographies

Source: CCN

Ernest Ira Reveal 1880-1959 Rescue mission superintendent. E.I. Reveal was born in West Virginia, the oldest of twelve children. He had little educa- tion, leaving school in his teens to join his father in the contracting and bricklaying business. Gifted in this work, he prospered. However, this prosperity did not fill the void in his soul.         He was converted to Christ on January 24, 1904, and soon began attending a Presbyterian church whose pastor proved to be a real friend to this new Christian. He grew in grace rapidly, entered into the activities of the church, and was made an elder. In March, 1919, he was ordained a minister by the Presbytery of Indiana.         His call to rescue mission work came during a conven- tion of rescue mission workers at the Mel Trotter Mission in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Reveal learned that several pastors and laymen were interested in beginning a mission in his home town of Evansville, Indiana, which proved to be a direct an- swer to prayer, for this had been on his heart for some time. From the humble beginnings, the rescue mission grew until the work operated not only a well-equipped modern mission in downtown Evansville, but a summer camp outside the city.         During his entire ministry, Reveal was a monument of the grace of God. Being a cripple with one leg in a strong brace did not in the least deter him from his God-given task. Living in an atmosphere of prayer and fellowship with the Heavenly Father for over 40 years, he prayed in the funds that sustained and provided the means of expansion for the mission. The records of the mission reveal hundreds of conversions. Of these, many who are now ministers, mission- aries, and laymen, were brought to Christ under his ministry.         As a speaker, Reveal was earnest, though not elo- quent--practical, though not polished--preaching the Gospel in language that the men who faced him could understand. A deep love for Christ and a compassion for the spiritual and physical needs of the underprivileged prompted him to spend much of his life in prayer.

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