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Written by: Unknown    Posted on: 05/06/2003

Category: Bible Studies

Source: CCN

                            A SPECIAL BLESSING

    Did you know there is a special blessing for being unselfish? The Lord delights in rewarding those who have a generous spirit and a perfect example of this is found in the story of Joseph.     Joseph was determined not to look for pity or feel sorry for himself even though his brothers had sold him and allowed him to be carried off to Egypt. Because of his attitude, God blessed Joseph and gave him such wisdom that the king of Egypt put him in charge of the country. This certainly made some of the king's men jealous of Joseph, but Joseph had no time to worry about that. He had enough to do getting ready for the famine that God had said was coming.     For seven years Joseph built silos and stored grain in them. He planned very carefully what he was going to do during the famine. As the famine began to spead over the whole earth, it wasn't long before people everywhere were out of food. No one was willing to share the little food that they had hidden for themselves. During this time anyone who had money would come to Joseph and he would sell them grain.     Perhaps some of the jealous men in the king's court were angry at Joseph for selling the grain. They might have kept it all to themselves if it was left up to them. Many people began to hate each other because they thought their neighbors were hoarding up food. They had nothing but gratefulness for Joseph, however, because of his willingness to help them. It may be that some of the important people in Egypt thought that it was their idols that saved the country from disaster, but before it was all over the Lord got the glory because it was His working through Joseph that provided the food. Joseph got the blessing of displaying to a heathen people the power of God.

Taken from Genesis 41-47

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