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Written by: Unknown    Posted on: 05/06/2003

Category: Bible Studies

Source: CCN

This is a list of the MIRACLES OF JESUS found in the gospels.

1.  Found in Matthew   a. Two blind men healed      Matt.  9:27-31   b. Dumb spirit cast out      Matt.  9:32-33   c. Tribute money provided    Matt. 17:24-27

2.  Found in Mark   a. Deaf and dumb man healed  Mark 7:31-37   b. Blind man healed          Mark 8:22-26

3.  Found in Luke   a. Jesus passes through the     crowd at Nazareth          Luke  4:28-30   b. Large catch of fish        Luke  5:1-11   c. Widow's son raised from     the dead at Nain          Luke  7:11-17   d. Woman's infirmity healed  Luke 13:11-17   e. Dropsy healed              Luke 14:1-6   f. Ten lepers cleansed        Luke 17:11-19   g. Ear of the high priest's     servant healed            Luke 22:50-51

4.  Found in John   a. Water changed to wine     at Cana                    John  2:1-11   b. Nobleman's son healed     of fever                  John  4:46-54   c. Impotent man healed at     Jerusalem                  John  5:1-9   d. Jesus passes through     crowd in the temple        John  8:59   e. Man born blind healed     at Jerusalem              John  9:1-7   f. Lazarus raised from the     dead at Bethany            John 11:38-44   g. Falling backward of the     soldiers                  John 18:5-6   h. Catch of 153 fish          John 21:1-14

5.  Common to Matthew and Mark   a. Syrophenician's daughter     healed                    Matt. 15:28; Mark 7:24   b. The four thousand fed      Matt. 15:32; Mark 8:2   c. The fig-tree dries up      Matt. 21:19; Mark 11:13

6.  Common to Matthew and Luke   a. Centurion's servant healed Matt. 8:5; Luke 7:1   b. Blind and dumb demoniac     healed                    Matt. 12:22; Luke 11:14

7.  Common to Mark and Luke   a. Demoniac in synagogue     healed                    Mark 1:23; Luke 4:33

8.  Common to Matthew, Mark and Luke   a. Peter's mother-in-law      Matt. 8:14; Mark 1:30;     healed                    Luke 4:38   b. The tempest stilled        Matt. 8:23; Mark 4:37;                                 Luke 8:22   c. The demoniacs healed      Matt. 8:28; Mark 5:1;                                 Luke 8:26   d. The leper healed          Matt. 8:2; Mark 1:40;                                 Luke 5:12   e. The daughter of Jairus    Matt. 9:23; Mark 5:23;     raised from the dead      Luke 8:41   f. Women's issue of blood    Matt. 9:20; Mark 5:25;     healed                    Luke 8:43   g. A paralytic healed        Matt. 9:2; Mark 2:3;                                 Luke 5:18   h. Man's withered hand healed Matt. 12:10; Mark 3:1;                                 Luke 6:6   i. Devil cast out of boy      Matt. 17:14; Mark 9:14                                 Luke 9:37   j. Blind man healed          Matt. 20:30; Mark 10:46;                                 Luke 18:35

9.  Common to Matthew, Mark and John   a. Jesus walks on the sea    Matt. 14:25; Mark 6:48;                                 John 6:19

10. Common to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John   a. The five thousand fed      Matt. 14:15; Mark 6:30                                 Luke 9:10; John 6:1-14

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