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Daniel - God Rules the World

Written by: Unknown    Posted on: 05/06/2003

Category: Bible Studies

Source: CCN

                        Daniel - God Rules the World _____________________________________________________________________________ | Mainly Historical:                          || Mainly Predictive:          | |      6 Historical Narratives              ||      4 Apocalyptic Visions | |---------------------------------------------||-----------------------------| |  Daniel Interprets Others Dreams          || Angel Interprets            | |                                            ||      Daniel's Dreams        | |---------------------------------------------||-----------------------------| | Nebuchadnezzar        | Belshazzar | Darius  | Belshazzar | Darius | Cyrus | |                      ~~~~~~~~~~~| ~~~~|    |          |~~    |~~~~      | |----------------|-----------------------------|-----------------------------| | 1              | 2  | 3                  6 | 7  | 8  | 9            12 | |----------------|-----------------------------|-----------------------------| | Written in    ||  Written in Aramaic (Syriac)    || Written in Hebrew    | |  Hebrew      ||                                  ||                      | |---------------||-----------------------------------------------------------| | Introduction  ||    |  Gentile Nations          ||  Hebrew Nation      | |---------------||-----------------------------------------------------------| | Israel in a  ||****||      Impotent      ||****|| -Destiny in God's Plan| |  Gentile    ||****||          in          ||****|| -Blessed for Obeying  | |  Setting    ||****||    Opposing God    ||****||      God.            | |              ||****||----------------------||****|| Through all the Ages  | |              ||**** Destinies in God's Hand *****||  to the End of Time.  | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~           PROPHESY OF DANIEL

Recently, We have been confronted with numerous books and scholarly text that attempt to "PUT DOWN" the prophesies of Daniel and even claim to have "proofs" that DANIEL was not the author of the prophesies. WE MUST AGREE WITH THAT CONTENTION; However, I agree only on the basis that the AUTHOR was GOD and DANIEL was the scribe for the LORD. The other "proofs" would not hold up to scrutiny and WE welcome the presentation by ANYONE that has any such proof.

Otherwise, we believe that NOT ONE ERROR exist in the bible in relation to ANY aspect - Scientific, Geographical, Historical or Religion.

In EACH AND EVERY case where a person has presented me with "proof of error" we have shown where no error existed - only mis-conceptions.

As to Daniel, IF GOD IS TRUTH and IF DANIEL WAS A PROPHET of GOD, then the prophesies MUST BE TRUE AND EXACT. To miss a prophesy by even a small factor would effectively distroy the basis for believeing a person to be a prophet. Daniel met the test of a Prophet of God. A Little History and a Little simple math will show the accuracy of Daniel. It would seem that the majority of dispute is centered around the last week of Daniel's famous 70 week prophesy. If the prophesy about WHAT IS TO COME is questioned, then it would follow that its accuracy must be judged on the accuracy of WHAT HAS TRANSPIRED.

Daniel states that SEVEN and THREESCORE and TWO WEEKS after "THE ORDER" to restore Jerusalem, the MESSIAH would enter its gates! To phrase it in today's English language,

"The MESSIAH will come through the gates of JERUSALEM sixty nine weeks after the command to rebuild Jerusalem. Mind you, this is SIX HUNDRED YEARS BEFORE JESUS! The fact that Daniel gives a firm date for the prophesy to be fulfilled is really "laying it on the line" in that if the prophesy is NOT fulfilled EXACTLY as prophesied then Daniel was a Fakir and not of God. HOWEVER; if Daniel's prophesy is correct then it would flow logically that Daniel's prophesies of events still to come will be AS ACCURATE and from God. Let us look CLOSELY at the "69 WEEKS (7 and threescore and two = 7 + 60 + 2 = 69).

The Jewish calendar consist of years made up of 360 days and not 365 as we have at present. Daniel's weeks represented seven week periods and we KNOW that years were meant because History records that it took EXACTLY 49 years (completion 396 B.C.) which corresponds with Daniel's "seven weeks". The impossibility of building a great city in just 7 weeks time is also a factor in KNOWING that the weeks mean seven year periods. The 360 day years is also found in Revelation (11:3) where the 3 1/2 year tribulation is given as 1,260 days or 3.5 times 360 days per year. Now we can look at the mathmatics of the prophesy.

Sixty-Nine sets of seven year periods come out to 483 years (Keep the 360 day year in mind). History tells us that the order to rebuild Jerusalem was issued in 445 B.C. Now let's take it carefully to see if Daniel was correct.

1. Daniel prophesied that the Messiah would arrive in Jerusalem in 173,880      Days after the order to rebuild was issued. This is shown thus:     69 "weeks" = 483 years (69 times 7) 483  years times 360 days     (The Jewish years of that time) = 173,880 days.

2. The ACTUAL DATE of the decree was MARCH 14, 445 B.C. We know this from     Neh 2:1-6 that the decree was issued "in the Month of Nisan, in the 20th      year" of Artaxerxes' reign. History records Artaxerxes' reign as being from     465 - 425  B.C. History also records that "The 1st of Nisan is a new year      for the computation of the reign of Kings and for festivals" so we know     that he decree to rebuild Jerusalem, which would have been a Major decree     was issued on the First of Nisan which in 445  B.C. fell on March 14. 3. History and Church documents show that Jesus Christ entered Jerusalem on      April 6, 32 A.D. (Zech  9:9). Other facts prove this to be the date and I     will gladly provide the facts if requested.

If Daniel was correct then 173,880 days would have to pass from March 14,445 B.C. to April 6, 32 A.D. Now we do our math.

1. From March 14,445 B.C. to April 6,32 A.D. would seem to be 477 years and     24 days; However, we must deduct One Year as there is only one year between     1 B.C.  and 1 A.D. This means that we have 476 Years and 24 days. We now     take 476 times 365 (our Julian Calendar) and we come up with 173,740 days     and add the 24 days and we have 173,764. 2. Our Julian calendar has numerous peculiarities such as LEAP YEAR. We find     that there were 119 LEAP YEARS (476  divided by 4 = 119) and thus must add     119: 173,764 + 119 = 173,883 days 3. This would seem to be THREE Days TOO MANY. Other people have calculated to     this point and not progressed beyond it and claim that it "is close enough     to prove Christ was the Messiah and that Daniel was a prophet." They fail;      However, in considering a little known fact of our Julian Calendar. Our     years are actually 1/128th of a day TOO LONG and every 128 YEARS we must     skip LEAP YEAR every 128 years!!! Therefore, we find that this skipping      occured three times (483 divided by 128 = 3+). NOW WE SUBTRACT THREE DAYS:     173,883 - 3 = 173,880 DAYS!!!


Now, we can see that Daniel was a true prophet of God. We also see that  he was TOTALLY correct and accurate to the degree on would demand from a prophet of God. It would also hold that (1) If Daniel were correct in prophesies that were fulfilled in our history but in his future, then (2) the prophesies of our future will stand to be as accurate!

This study is not intended to prove theory or this writer's mathmatical abilities. It is intended to show that the Book of Daniel, written SIX CENTURIES before Christ, was inspired and given to man by GOD.

Persons who wish to debate whether Daniel actually was the author miss the point of scripture - the MESSAGE FROM GOD TO HIS CREATIONS.

We believe Daniel wrote the book. The only proof I need of that is that all indications are that Daniel wrote it, and We feel that its authorship was of GOD. It really is not material as to who actualy took pen in hand and scribed the characters. The importance of the Bible and all of its books is that IT IS THE WORD OF GOD.

I pray that this study will help re-direct its readers to this ONE TRUTH and bring those who wish to argue "against the wind" that they are wasting time they could be using for HIS Glory. This study is dedicated to our Lord, Jesus Christ.       COMPUTERS FOR CHRIST         5340 THORNWOOD DRIVE           SAN JOSE,CA  95123             (408) 578-3162

              Daniel and His Contemporaries - Historical Chart

Date B.C.    Biblical                  Contemporary ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~               Creation of the World      Various Geological Ages.                                         Prehistoric Stone Ages.

              Creation of Man.          Farming, domestication of animals,               Cainite Civilization      crude art, first villages found.

              The Flood

5000        Development into Nations  Early Chalcolithic Age, pottery               of Noah's sons.            developed, copper introduced.                                         Badarian, Amratian cultures in                                         Egypt. 4700        Tower of Babel            Earliest levels of Nineveh, Tepe               Confusion of Tongues      Gawra, Tell ed-Judeideh. Great tower                                         buildings (Minerettes, Pyramids) 4500-3000    Urban cultures in          Halafian Culture(4500), Obeidan               Babylonia                  Culture(3600) at Tell Obeid near Ur.                                         Uruk or Erech(3200); writing                                         invented, earliest cylinder seals,                                         Jemdet Nasr Culture(3000). 3000-2700    Noah                      Union of Egypt Dynasties I,II(29-2700)               to                        Summerian Period in Babylon(28-2360) 2700-2200    Abraham                    Egyptian Old Kingdom Dynasties III,VI                                         (2700-2200) Pyramids built (?)                                         First Semitic Dynasty (2360-2180)                                         Sargon I. 2250-2200    Terah born                Dark Age in Egypt (2200-1989) 2161        Birth of Abraham          Gutian Rule in Babylon(2180-2070)                                         Summerian Revival Dynasty III in Ur                                         (2070-1960) 2086        Abraham's entrance into    Ur-Nammu, Dungi, Bur-Sin, and Ibi-Sin               Cannan                    rule in power at Ur, Abrahams                                         birthplace 2075        Gen 14                    Invasion of Mesopotamian Kings 2050        Destruction of Sodom               and Gomorrah 1950        Isaac                      Fall of Ur(19660). Elamite princes in                                         Isin and Larsa in Babylonia. Small                                         Amorite and Elamite states in                                         Babylonia. 1871        Israel's entrance into    Strong Middle Kingdom in Egypt               Egypt.                    (Dynasty XII).               Joseph's Viceroyship.      Amenemes I-IV, Senwosret I-III                                         (1989-1776) 1780        Israel in Egypt            1rst Dynasty of Babylon(1850-1550)                                         Hammurabi(1728-1689). Mari Age.                                         Hyskos Period of foreign domination                                         in Egypt(1720-1570) 1520        Moses born                New Empire, Dynasty XVIII(1570-1150)                                         Kamose, Thutmose I,II                                         Queen Hatshepsut(1570-1482) 1485        Final phase of Israelite  Thutmose III(1482-1450) 1441        Exodus from Egypt          Amenhotep II(1450-1425)               Israel in wilderness      Thutmose IV(1425-1412) 1401        Fall of Jerico            Amenhotep III(1412-1387) Amarna period 1400-        Conquest of Cannan        Invasion of Palestine by Habiru. 1361        Joshua and Elders          Amenhotep III(Iknaton)(1387-1366)                                         Advance of Hittites. 1361        Oppresion of Cushan        Tutankamen in Egypt(1366-1357) 1353        Othneil's deliverance      Harmhab - decline of Egyptian power               40 years peace            and influence in Palestine. 1313        Oppresion by Eglon        Seti I, Pharoah(1314-1290)                 of Moab 1295        Ehud's deliverance        Raamses II(1290-1224) - brilliant               Peace for 80 years            reign.                                         Hittite advance into Syria.                                         Merneptah's Stele mentions Israel                                             in Palestine. 1215        Jabin's oppression        Weak kings in Egypt: Amenomose, Siptah                                         Seti II. 1195-1155    Deborah's Exploit          Raamses III(1198-1167)               40 Year peace              Invasion of Sea People's repulsed.                                         The Trojan War(1200) 1155        Medianite Oppression      Decline of Egyptian Power. 1148        Gideon's Victory and Judgeship.               40 years peace after Gideon 1108        Abimelech king at Shechem                                          Peleset(Phillistines) increase power. 1105        Ammonite Oppression, Jephthah judge 1099        Philistine Ascendancy 1085        Samson is judge 1065        Eli is judge 1050        Battle of Ebenezer        Great Empires on Tigris-Euphrates,               Philistines take Ark      Halys, and Nile decline, Syria and                                         Palestine open for conquest. 1020        Saul and Monarchy 1004        David King of Judah 998          David King of all Israel. 965          Solomon King 926          Division of the Monarchy.  Rezon seizes power in Damascus.               Judah      Israel               Rohoboam    Jeroboam I    Shishak's Invasion(921) 910          Abijam 908          Asa                        Aramaean Kingdom of Dmascus expands                                         under Hezion and Tabrimmon. 907                      Nadab 906                      Baasha 900                                    Aramaeans ascendant under Hezion. 883                      Elah 882                      Zimri          Benhadad I of Damascus                           Omri 871                      Ahab    * E  Rise of Assyria-Ashurnasirpal II               Jehoshaphat          * L  Conquests of Shalmaneser III               Jehoram              * I  Battle of Karkar - Syrian coalition                                   * J  against Assyria(853). 852                      Ahaziah  * A 851                      Jehoram  * H               Ahaziah                                     E 845          Athaliah    Jehu    * L  Jehu surrenders to Assyrians               Jehoash    Jehoahaz * I  Shamshi-Adad V                           Joash    * S  Adad-niari III 802          Amaziah                H  Decline of Assyria                                     A                                           A 787                      Jeroboam II  *  M 785      *  Uzziah                  *  O       I  *                              S 747  S  *  Jothan      Zechariah      Tigleth-Pileser III overuns Syria 742  A M *  Ahaz        Shallum 740  I I *              Menahem      * HOSEA 736  A C *              Pekahiah 734  H A *              Pekah 732    H *              Hoshea        Damascus falls to Assyria(732) 725      *  Hezekiah                  Shalmaneser V besieges Samaria. 721                      Samaria Falls  Sargon II takes Samaria               Kingdom of Judah only 701                                    Sennacherib invades Judah 696          Manasseh's idolatrous reign 681                                    Sennacherib's death.                                         Esarhaddon conquers Egypt. 669                                    Ashurbanipal 641          Amon 639          Josiah 614                                    Asshur falls to Medes 612                                    Nineveh falls to Medes & Babylonians 609          Josiah slain by Necho      Defeat of Assyrians and Egyptians                                           by Necho.                                         Nebuchadnezzar defeats Necho 608          Jehoahaz               Zedekiah 605  ****    Daniel carried to Babylon  Nabopolassar's death       ||                                Nebuchanezzar II 598  ||    Johoiachin                Johoiachin and Ezekiel carried to       ||    Zedekiah                  Babylon. 589  ||                                Lachish Letters 587  ||    Fall of Jerusalem.        Jerusalem destroyed(587).       ||    Daniel's carreer.          Nebuchanezzar conquers all Egypt.     70 Years  Ezekiels prophesies.      Evil-Merodach, liberation of       ||                                  Jehoiachin(561)       ||                                Neriglassar(560-556)       ||                                Nabunaid(Nabonidus) (556-539). 539  ||    Fall of Babylon            Belshazzar (co-regent) 538  ||    Edict of Cyrus 536  ||    Return of Remnant,        Rule of Cyrus, founder of Persian 535  ****    Temple started            Empire till 530.                                         Cambyses king of Persia(530-522). 522                                    Darius I (522-486) 520          Haggai,Zechariah               building of Temple resumed 516          Temple completed by Zerubbabel                                         Defeat of Persians at Marathon(490).                                         Xerxes I (Ahasuerus,486-465).                                         Persian defeat at Salamis(480). 476          Esther queen. 458          Ezra's return. Revival    Artaxerxes I(465-424)                 of the Law. 445          Nehemiah's return to      Periclean Age in Greece(460-429).                 rebuild walls.          Herodotus, Socrates, Plato. 432          Malachi Prophesies.

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