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Numerology in the Bible

Written by: Unknown    Posted on: 05/12/2003

Category: Bible Studies

Source: CCN

                         Numerology in the Bible

The significance of numbers is of varying importance when studying the
Bible.  The interpretation of numbers in giving additional meaning to
scripture can be very rewarding.  However, a warning is in order, do not
be caught in the trap of trying to make numerology fit to everything.
God uses numbers for a reason - But not always can we discern their
intented meaning, nor can we apply God's revealed message by applying
numerology to our experiences outside of the Scriptures.

In Daniel, Revelation, as throughout the Bible, numbers often contain
symbolic as well as literal connotations. These symbolic associations
provide added dimensions to the literal understanding.  In Daniel, the
numbers which most commonly contain symbolic meaning are listed below
with symbolic references in other books of the Bible.

1 (one): Unity, primacy, independent existence (Deut 6:4).
2 (two): An addition;strength, help, confirmation (Eccl. 4:9-12).
3 (three): The simplest unity; the number of God (Matt. 28:19).
4 (four): The world with its four seasons and directions (Rev. 7:1).
5 (five): Man, as portrayed by the five-membered parts of the body Lev. 14:14-16).
6 (six): Consummate evil, failure (Rev. 13:18) because it falls short of perfection, which is represented by the number seven.
7 (seven): A number representing the earth crowned with heaven, the latter lending perfection or completeness to the former (Rev. 1:4).
10 (ten): Five doubled; human completeness (Rev. 2:10).
12 (twelve): God's perfect manifestation of Himself to the created order (Rev. 21:12).

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