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Keys to Revelation - Chapter 11

Written by: Capoccia, Tony    Posted on: 05/12/2003

Category: Bible Studies

Source: CCN

                        Keys to Revelation - Chapter 11

Taken from the HOLY BIBLE: NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION (C) 1978 by the New York International Bible Society, used by permission of Zondervan Bible Publishers.

          BIBLE TEXT                                  COMMENTARY

REV 11:1  I was given a reed like        [reed] - Near the Jordan were many a measuring rod and was told, "Go        bamboo-like canes which were long and and measure the temple of God and        rigid, sometimes as long as 15 or 20 the altar, and count the worshipers      feet, ideal for a measuring rod. there.                                            [Go and measure] - Gives clear                                           evidence of a literal temple that is                                           to be constructed before or during                                           the Tribulation Period.  God measured                                           Jerusalem in Zechariah 2, the Temple                                           in EZE 40, and the New Jerusalem in                                           REV 21:15-17.

REV 11:2  But exclude the outer          [outer court] - The court which is court; do not measure it, because        outside the temple would be the Court it has been given to the Gentiles.        of the Gentiles.  It would be an They will trample on the holy city        uncovered yard outside of the temple. for 42 months.                                                                      [do not measure it] - The new temple                                           is still a place of false worship                                           that the Jews have rebuilt to return                                           to sacrificial worship, which is no                                           longer acceptable to God because of                                           the finished work of Jesus Christ.                                           And the Jews still are excluding the                                           Gentiles from access to what the Jews                                           believe to be the truth.

                                          [Gentiles... they will trample] - The                                           Bible always contrasts two peoples,                                           The Jews and the Gentiles.  The                                           Gentiles include all those not born                                           of Jewish heritage and most Gentiles                                           are unbelievers.  These unbelieving                                           Gentiles will dominate and rule over                                           Jerusalem.

                                          [42 months] - Equates to a three-and-                                           one-half-year period or half of the                                           seven-year period of the Tribulation.                                           The chronology of events would place                                           the 42 months as the second half of                                           the Tribulation.

REV 11:3  And I will give power to        [I will give power] - God commissions my two witnesses, and they will          two persons to speak in a very direct prophesy for 1,260 days, clothed in      way to the world. sackcloth."                                            [1260 days] - 42 Months or three-and-                                           one half years (Bible uses 30 day                                           months and 360 day years).

                                          [sackcloth] - Rough garb of the                                            ancient prophets made of fabric from                                           sacks and usually dark in color. This                                           garb was especially suited to be worn                                           as a mourning garment.

REV 11:4  These are the two olive        [olive trees] - Source of olive oil trees and the two lampstands that        that is burned in lamps and used to stand before the Lord of the earth.      represent the Word of God.  In ZEC                                           4:3, 11, 14, we see the same picture                                           used.

                                          The Spirit used the symbols of the                                           trees and the lamps to represent two                                           prophets He will cause to testify on                                           the earth in the spirit and power of                                           Moses and Elijah.

REV 11:5  If anyone tries to harm        [fire...from their mouths] - Not real them, fire comes from their mouths        flames but rather the Word of God and devours their enemies. This is        spoken in judgment that will cause how anyone who wants to harm them        their would be assailants to be must die.                                killed.  See JER 5:14 for a clear                                           use of God's Word as fire.

REV 11:6  These men have power to        [power to shut up sky] - They will shut up the sky so that it will not      like Elijah be able to prevent rain rain during the time they are            from falling to the earth (1KI 17:1). prophesying; and they have power to      turn the waters into blood and to        [turn the waters into blood] - This strike the earth with every kind of      is real blood given to a blood plague as often as they want.            thirsty world.  This same judgment                                           is seen in EXO 7:19 when Moses turned                                           the waters of Egypt into blood.

                                          [strike the earth...plague] - These                                           two men have a message to speak and                                           they will perform various miracles                                           of judgment to try to get an unsaved                                           world to believe, but because of the                                           hardness of men's heart, mankind will                                           refuse God's grace and simply receive                                           His righteous judgments.

REV 11:7  Now when they have              [finished their testimony] - In 11:3 finished their testimony, the beast      we learned that the period of their that comes up from the Abyss will        testimony will be three-and-one-half attack them, and overpower and kill      years. them.                                                                              [beast] - The Abyss is the place for                                           the very wicked demons and one of                                           them, referred to as the beast, will                                           inhabit a man, most likely the one                                           who will assist the Antichrist (see                                           REV 13:11).

                                          [attack...kill them] - God removed                                           his protection from the two witnesses                                           because His purposes had been ful-                                           filled.

REV 11:8  Their bodies will lie in        [bodies will lie] - Literally they the street of the great city, which      will be killed as they were speaking is figuratively called Sodom and          God's truth publicly and then left Egypt, where also their Lord was          on the street. crucified.                                            [great city] - Clearly it is the City                                           of Jerusalem for it is where our                                           sweet and lovely Savior died for our                                           wickedness.  By the time of the                                            Tribulation Jerusalem has become very                                           wicked, even earning the name Sodom                                           and being likened to Egypt, a country                                           of oppression and slavery.

REV 11:9  For three and a half days      [three and a half days] - Literal men from every people, tribe,            time when the bodies were simply left language and nation will gaze on          on the streets to decay because of their bodies and refuse them              hatred of the two prophets by the burial.                                  unbelieving world.

                                          [every...nation gaze] - Every people,                                           tribe, language, and nation gaze or                                            watch the bodies for three and a half                                           days.  This means the whole world can                                           see the bodies, which could be easily                                           accomplished by satellite TV.

REV 11:10  The inhabitants of the        [gloat...celebrate] - The world has a earth will gloat over them and will      fiendish glee over the death of those celebrate by sending each other          who preached words of judgment and gifts, because these two prophets        performed such dreadful miracles. had tormented those who live on the earth.                                    [sending each other gifts] - What a                                           sick and wicked world that would kill                                           God's prophets and then give gifts to                                           celebrate the occasion.

REV 11:11  But after the three and        [But] - God will now stop the sick a half days a breath of life from        rejoicing of sinful man. God entered them, and they stood on      their feet, and terror struck those      [breath of life entered them] - Jesus who saw them.                            does the same to the two witnesses as                                           He did for Lazarus who was dead for                                           about the same length of time, He                                           brought them back to life, creating                                           new flesh and organs to replace those                                           already destroyed by three plus days                                           of decay.

                                          [stood on their feet] - They did not                                           simply start breathing again as they                                           laid there, rather they had full                                           strength, just like many who were                                           healed in the the New Testament days.

                                          [terror struck...who saw] - While the                                           wicked was rejoicing over the deaths                                           of God's anointed and opening their                                           presents as they watch the corpses on                                           International TV, suddenly the bodies                                           began to move and then stand up!  The                                           wicked then knew these were God's                                           prophets and terror "set in" as they                                           fearfully awaited Divine Judgment.

REV 11:12  Then they heard a loud        [Come up here] - Jesus commands them voice from heaven saying to them,        to "Come up to Heaven" and their "Come up here." And they went up to      resurrected bodies simply "lifted" heaven in a cloud, while their            off of the earth and most likely enemies looked on.                        ascended slowly to "capture" the                                           moment.

REV 11:13  At that very hour there        [terrified and gave glory] - This is was a severe earthquake and a tenth      not a turning from sin in faith to of the city collapsed. Seven              God, but rather they are simply thousand people were killed in the        compelled by overriding terror to earthquake, and the survivors were        recognize that God is to be feared terrified and gave glory to the God      and glorified. of heaven. 

REV 11:14  The second woe has            [second woe] - The sixth trumpet passed; the third woe is coming          (9:12) with the two episodes attached soon.                                    (10:1-11:13).

                                          [third woe] - The seventh trumpet                                           which includes the seven bowls of                                           God's wrath (16:1).

REV 11:15  The seventh angel              [world has become kingdom] - With the sounded his trumpet, and there were      third woe come the final judgments loud voices in heaven, which said:        which open the way for the Glorious "The kingdom of the world has            Kingdom of Christ. become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he will reign for ever and ever." 

REV 11:16  And the twenty-four            See REV 4:4 and 4:9-11 elders, who were seated on their thrones before God, fell on their faces and worshiped God, 

REV 11:17  saying: "We give thanks        [great power] - Points to the final to you, Lord God Almighty, the One        conflict in which God overpowers all who is and who was, because you          of His enemies. have taken your great power and          have begun to reign. 

REV 11:18  The nations were angry;        [nation were angry] - They were and your wrath has come. The time        defiant in their anger towards God. has come for judging the dead, and        for rewarding your servants the          [wrath has come] - God has been prophets and your saints and those        storing up wrath for generations to who reverence your name, both small      be poured out during the end times. and great--and for destroying those who destroy the earth."                  [judging the dead] - This takes place                                           at the Great White Throne in REV 20:                                           11-15.  This is only for the wicked                                           dead, because the redeemed have                                           already been judged at the cross.

                                          [rewarding...saints] - REV 21:1-4,                                           22:3-5.

REV 11:19  Then God's temple in          [temple in heaven] - The sanctuary heaven was opened, and within his        of God in heaven.  The temples built temple was seen the ark of his            on earth by Moses and Solomon was in covenant. And there came flashes of      likeness to the Sanctuary in Heaven lightning, rumblings, peals of            to include the Ark.  thunder, an earthquake and a great hailstorm.                                This last verse pictures the love                                           and faithfulness of God as He reveals                                           His Ark of His Covenant, the promises                                           to His children. Likewise, the latter                                           part of the verse shows the wrath                                            being poured out on His enemies.

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