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Louis Entzminger, 1876-1958, Administrator

Written by: Unknown    Posted on: 03/17/2003

Category: Biographies

Source: CCN

Louis Entzminger 1876-1958 Sunday School administrator and Baptist preacher. Dr. Louis Entzminger began his service for the Lord with a great desire to work with the Sunday Schools of Baptist churches. He began to work on a system that would help to build and maintain such Sunday Schools. Dr. Entzminger was the originator of the six-point system that is so widely used today in most Baptist Sunday Schools, as well as many other denominations. He is also credited for his help in building the largest Sunday Schools in America, either directly or indirectly.         He was instrumental in the founding of the Fundamen- tal Baptist Bible Institute, which later became and is now known as Bible Baptist Seminary in Arlington, Texas. After more than 80 years of life, the majority of them in full-time service for the Lord, Dr. Entzminger slipped quietly away to be with the Lord. His life could well be summed up in the words of another: "Life's race well run, life's work well done, life's crown well won...now comes rest."

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