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Written by: Unknown    Posted on: 04/25/2003

Category: Cults / Sects / Non Christian Religions and Topics

Source: CCN

CATALOG OF THE CULTS - PART B :::::::::::::::::::::::::: "I AM" MOVEMENT - Leader: Guy Ballard (Pen Name: Godfrey Ray King). Jesus, a man, developed the I AM/GOD SELF within himself. This almighty I Am presence is a pure reservoir of energy stationed over the head which can be drawn on at will. Jesus is seen as one of the many Ascended Masters. They do not recognize the Trinity. This cult is an off-shoot of the Theosophical Society. It modern form is called the Summit Lighthouse or Church Universal and Triumphant. However, the "I Am" movement still exist as an independent organization (The 'I Am' Discourses, Saint Germain Press).


Iglesia Ni Cristo - Leader:Felix Manalo. "We believe in Jesus Christ, but we do not believe that He is True God. We believe in only one true god, the god of creation. Jesus Christ is a great savior and was commissioned by God to be the savior" ("Research Center Bulletin," Far East Broadcasting).


Inner Peace Movement - Leader: Rev. Francisco Coll, DD. A form of spiritualism and spiritism combining ESP, astro-projection, psychic phenomena,etc., they introduce seven levels of consciousness. Christ consciousness is the highest. Jesus had reached Christ Consciousness and taught this while on earth. Jesus was a man. They separate Jesus and Christ. God is impersonal and spoken of as The All, The Cosmos, and The Universe (Every Wind of Doctrine, Hobart Freeman).


Integral Yoga Institute - Founder: Swami Satchidananda. "There are not many gods; there is only One. And that One has no name, no form, no place. (Thus Christ is not God.) He is everywhere-in actuality, neither he, nor she, nor it . . . The two sides are positive and negative, light and shade. Evil is also God." says the Swami (The Youth Nappers, James C. Hefley).


Islam - Christ was a prophet of Allah, but was superseded by Muhammad's teachings and authority.


Jainism - Founder:Mahavira. "Jainism begins by denying the existance of an external supreme being, creator, or Lord, who is the mainstay of the universe. (Thus,no Christ.) For these non-theistic humanist, there is no need to assume a First cause" (Religions in a Changing World, Howard F. Vos)


Jehovah's Witnesses - Jesus is a created being, Michael, the first creation of Jehovah and the "Son of God."


Laymen's Home Missionary Movement - Leader:Raymond J. Jolly. Similar to the Jehovah's Witnesses, they deny the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ. "John 4:24-God is a Spirit. Luke 24:39-A Spirit hath not flesh and bones . . . In the first place, God directly tells us that Jesus is now a spirit being" (Epiphany Studies in the Scriptures). "Trinitarians have grossly mistranslated and miscapitalized this passage to read their trinitarianism into it, as they have done in other cases. The proper translation shows that Christ is not Jehovah . . . He is Jehovah's appointed Savior for the world, not Jehovah Himself" (Epiphany Studies in the Scriptures-Series 1).


Liberal Catholic Church - Leaders:Charles W. Leadbeater and Vincent M. Matthews. "Obviously, God is not and cannot be a person. (Thus, no divine Christ.) The persons of the Holy Trinity are representatives or masks for the One God who is beyond individuality; is unlimited; eminent; and transcendent" (The One Existance, E.M. Matthews). The LCC is independent of the Roman Catholic Church and blends elements of theosophy and pantheism (These Also Believe, Charles Samuel Braden).


Megiddo Mission - Founder:Rev. L.T. Nichols. "Christ, Emmanuel, 'God with us,' is not the eterenal God but the Son of God, conceived of the Holy Spirit, born of a virgin, but wholly human in his nature - Matthew 1:23,Hebrews 2:16,17 . . ."(History of the Megiddo Mission, published by Megiddo Mission Church).


Mormons-Founder:Joseph Smith, Jr. Also Called: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Jesus is a pre-existant spirit, also the Father, one of many gods. Christ was God-man, and men can be just like him (Mormon Doctrine, Bruce McConkie).


Nichiren Shoshu Soka Gakkai - Soka Gakkai substitutes Gautama Buddha and Nichiren for the True God and repleces the Bible with the Lotus Sutra, a false scripture. Soka Gakkai translates to "Value Recreation Society" ("Views on Christ," John Weldon).


Peace Mission Movement - Leader: Father Divine (George Baker). Baker distinguishes between Jesus and Christ. "I say B.J. not B.C. because it was before Jesus yet, in my opinion, it was not before Christ" (The New Day, September 1,1945). "Jesus, he (Baker) seems at times to regard as merely the temporal and physical embodiment of the Christ" (These Also Believe, Charles Samuel Braden). Baker has claimed to be God and the Holy Spirit. There are also references in Baker's writings to indicate that Jesus is God (Kingdom of the Cults, Walter Martin).

  ************* END OF PART B *************

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